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 The Green Angel

I dreamed I went to Heaven
And saw among the dead
An angel dressed in green
A halo 'round her head
And she looked kind of funny
Midst all the glaring white
The others asked her jealously
What gave her such a right.

(She answered)
I'm a Cub Scout Leader
And I lay no hold to fame,
But being such a person
Means more than just a name.
My jobs on earth are many;
Praises and thanks are few,
I did more work in one day
Then ten people ought to do.
I've been a nurse, a tin can cooker
A hiker, a pathfinder,
I've also been artist,
A sailor and a bookbinder.
I taught boys to dance,
I taught parrots to sing,
I made saints out of hoodlums,
While mama had her fling!
I walked the streets 'till my feet
Felt like a ton of brick,
Helping to sell popcorn 'till
The mere thought made me sick.
But still it was a lot of fun;
Life was never a bore.
See, this role isn't new to me
"I've been an angel before."

Found in the February 1999 issue of Baloo's Bugle