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Faith Formation

Faith formation is at the core of all that is done at Corpus Christi Catholic School. As part of the educational mission of the Church, CCCS seeks to prepare children to be mature Catholic adults poised to proclaim the Gospel in word and deed. The school’s programs integrate religious truths and values with life. Its faith formation program is always authentic in doctrine and contemporary in presentation.
CCCS incorporates all four hallmarks of Catholic identity into everyday life. They are: message, community, service and worship.
Corpus Christi students receive religious instruction daily as part of the regular religion curriculum. This instruction is given, not only for intellectual enrichment, but also and most importantly as the basis for a way of life grounded in Christ.
CCCS is committed to helping children to see themselves as members of the larger community of the Church. Community is lived reality at CCCS. Formed by their experience of community at CCCS, it is believed that students will be better able to build community in other areas of life.
The service component at CCCS is very evident in the school. As To Teach As Jesus Did states, “The experience of Christian community leads naturally to service.” Students participate in numerous service projects throughout the year. In the middle school, students are dedicated to a particular service project assigned to the grade level.
The school attempts to help students and their families to acquire a deep appreciation for the vital role liturgy and worship play in the life of a Catholic. Students participate in a weekly celebration of the Eucharist every Wednesday. Classes take turns preparing the liturgy and serving as ushers, sacristans, lectors and altar servers. Penance services are held during Advent and Lent. There are also other special services throughout the year. All students are required to attend all liturgies and other prayer services.
Students preparing for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation receive special instruction from their respective parish. Each family is responsible for seeking out these programs and attending them. For Corpus Christi parish students, parents should contact the Director of Faith Formation.