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Activities Corner

We are starting a collection of activities that we can share with all the Catholic Committees and Scouters. If you have an activity, skit, song, etc. that you have done in the past, then send it to Mike Bochniak at bochniak_m@yahoo.com. We would like to share these great activities with all Catholic Scouters through the Catholic Scouting newsletters, NCCS website, by CD (at our NCCS biennial conferences) and via email. Send in your ideas and activities today.

The following activity was submitted by the Diocese of Brooklyn-Queens.

Scout Rosary

The Scout Rosary is a prayer gadget. A pencil sized stick is found in the woods, notched and carved (or painted) with care to serve as a wood tool for use by Scouts on the trail. The Scout Rosary costs nothing to make except for some quiet and still time in the hands of the Scout.


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