Pope John Paul Helped Him Make Space for God

                 By Anita Tolentino


Re-print with permission from Anita Tolentino

This article was first published in the Edmonton Journal on 2003 10 25


Our spiritual journey can sometimes be full of mystery. So many things happen in our life that we can never understand.


My friend Jeff (not his real name) and I were talking very recently about his spiritual journey and how he made a 180 degrees turn –around from his very lonely, sad, and unproductive lifestyle.  His was a childhood that was influenced by what he thought a normal environment of alcohol and drugs. He came from a family of 12 siblings -  nine boys and three girls. Both his mother and father were alcoholics and drug addicts.


When I asked him how it felt to be in such a dreadful environment, he said, “It was such a tough life. My oldest sister had to take care of us while my mother spent the time drinking in the bar. My mother would come home drunk and would be as verbally and physically abusive to all of us just as my father did.”


“What do you mean?” I asked curiously.






















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