Recipe for 6 Organic Breads  

* * *


- Muscle work and roughly 3 hours of your time -

Ingredients :

1. 7 cups hot water ;

2. Mix 2 tbs. sea salt (or ordinary salt) into that water ;

3. 1 cup olive oil (although I now prefer Canola oil) and ;

4. 4 to 5 tbs. honey (non-pasteurized if possible) ;

5. prepare 1 cup spelt flour ;

6. 3 cups oat flour ;

7. 15 cups (+ or -) whole wheat flour (all bio-organic flours) ;

8. 2 tbs. of yeast - mix in all dry ingredients together ;

9. a cup or two of unbleached flour or store bought whole wheat that you spread out onto the counter where you will kneed the dough will give a better consistency to the bread.

9. Pre-heat oven at minimum.

10. Pour dry ingredients a bit at a time (except n.8) into liquid ingredients (that are now lukewarm) and mix well.  Dough temperature should not exceed 25 C - 77 F.

11. Spread dough on floured counter, add no.8 then kneed whole preparation for at least 10 minutes. The dough will be a bit wet to start but should thicken and remain sticky. If too wet after kneading 5 minutes, add in a bit of whole wheat flour.

12. Separate dough in two parts in two containers (cast, ceramic or even plastic because oven will not be hot enough to melt) - and set both into the oven for 11/2 hour.  Shut off oven, leaving only oven light on.

13. Prepare moulds with a coat of vegetable oil.

14. After 1½ hour, take out dough, flatten and spread in squares about 2" thick. Trace lengthwise, to cut into 6 pieces. Roll to make 6 "perfect balls" ; sprinkle - humidify and place into molds.

15. Pre-heat oven at minimum for one minute, place moulds into oven for half an hour and just leave oven light on.

16. Remove the molds and heat oven to 350 F.  (To 400 F if your dough is a bit too moist - cook the first 5 min. at 400 F then reduce to 350 F).  

17. Bake approximately 25 min. (time may vary with each oven). If breads are difficult to undo, let cool on counter for 1 hour or so.

18. Place on rack supported by 4 cans of your favourite soup ; let cool for well over an hour before packaging and freezing.


                                                                           Good luck !    

                                                                 Fr. Dan + M    

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