Volume 2, Issue1

published twice annually

Spring 2000


Centre Agapè Center

Our Programs:

* Soup Kitchen is open Monday thru Friday 12:00 p.m. to 2 :00 p.m. and the last three weekends of the month.

* Food Bank is open Monday thru Friday 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

* The Thrift Shoppe is open Monday thru Friday 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. plus Thursday night to 8:00 p.m. and Saturdays 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 .p.m.

Greeting from the Chairman of the Board
Ever since I joined the Board of Directors of the Centre Agapè Center, I have always been impressed and encouraged by the spirit of prayer that undergirds our meetings as a Board, and the work of the Centre. As a further extension of such spirit, we are hoping to recruit in the near future "prayer partners", who will make the work of the mission of the Centre a daily priortiy of the devotional life.

Prayer is needed at and for the Centre because the task of meeting the needs of those who come to us can, at times be overwhelming to staff and volunteers. But prayer works! In its marvellous, secret way it encourages and strengthens us for the task. We know the truth of Jesus' word-"you will always have the poor with you". The requests for assistance of many kinds never ceases. We are grateful for His continuing support. Gifts of many and gifts in kind continue to arrive at the Centre-the "widow's mite", as well as larger gifts from those whom God has richly blessed. Like the jar of oil in the days of the prophet Elijah, supplies never seem to run out. They get close to that point, but then unexpectedly, more arrive, and for this we praise God. Our prayers are answered again! Prayer is the expression of faith. The Center lives in faith that people who care about others will provide the means of our various ministries to continue. We receive no outside government funding, but like many of the similar agencies in today's society, we are providing care and hope for those in need. How long we will be able adequately to meet the need is a question before all such agencies. We continue to pray that God who loves the poor will not abandon us or our mission to them.

We will always covet the support of people of faith, and others of goodwill, as the work of the Center grows daily. Remember us in your prayers; we are remembering you and all other "Friends of Agapè". God bless you.

Rev. Fred Rennie

Our Mission

The Agapè Center exists to provide food, clothing, and household items for people in need through a soup kitchen, food bank and thrift shop. These services are offered to clients in a dignified manner while encouraging personal responsibility.

The Center strives to work in close cooperation with other community agencies in order to enhance its ability to meet the needs of its clients and to avoid duplication of services.

In the responsible discharge of its services, the Centre is always mindful of its ongoing accountability to the community that supports its mission.

Y2K was a non-event!

There was so much talk about possible problems with Y2K that we wondered if we would be faced with another crisis like the 1998 ice storm.

Many people stocked up on canned goods in case of such an emergency. Perhaps you bought food that you don't normally eat, and you don't know what to do with it now that the Y2K threat has been put to rest.

The City of Cornwall has a new idea to help you with the spring cleaning of your cupboards!

Thanks to a motion brought forward by Korey Kennedy, Council has agreed to a new project to help the local food banks.

The environmental department will be working with the Agapè Centre and other city food banks to collect nonperishable food items at the end of your driveway!

This program has worked successfully in other communities and we are ready to give it a try.

The food drive will be well publicized so that everyone can participate. Please watch for details in the local media.

The food collected will be shared with our Centre and other agencies who assist people in need.

The food banks are confident that the community will respond generously to this very exciting and worthwhile project.

So clean out your cupboards and start planning your donation to Cornwall's first city wide food drive!

Meet our staff

Thrift Shoppe: Debbie Sauve, Ingrid Gilday, Store Managers and Karen MacDonald, Sorting Supervisor.

Food Bank: Joy Morin, Food Bank Manager

Soup Kitchen: Theresa Tafawa and Barclay Moran, Soup Kitchen Cooks.

Meet one of our dedicated volunteers...

Meet Jason Pinkham affectionately known as Jay. Jay has been a volunteer with the Centre for four years. He can be found operating the dishwasher in the Soup Kitchen on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, he helps with pick-ups and deliveries and also lends a hand in the food bank. Jay does his best work when he is teasing staff and volunteers. He helps us to stay focussed and not take life so seriously. Best of all, Jay keeps us in good supply of the best hugs in the world. In fact his hugs are so good, that he also moonlights as our Huggy Bear at the monthly birthday parties in the Soup Kitchen. The Agapè Centre just would not be the same without hime!!!

Our Christmas Partners...

Spring is around the corner but we remember just a few short months ago, that we were into the busiest time of the year, Christmas. We are very grateful to so many for the tremendous support that we received at that time.

The Children's Christmas Fund assisted the Agapè Centre in distributing 670 Christmas baskets for the less fortunate in 1999. Special thanks to all the service club members who took the time to help at the Cornwall Armories, our distribution site.

Morbern Inc. sponsored 21 large families and treated them to wonderful home delivered baskets.

Canada Trust has been helping out the Agapè Centre for several years by providing angel tree gifts for the children. They are responsible for 200 children's smiles on Christmas morning.

The students of La Citadelle High School also were busy playing Santa and collected 80 angel tree gifts for the children. It warms the heart to see young people giving to others in need.

Sparky also came through with some gifts for the children.

A total of 1,733 people were assisted with the baskets and 690 presents were given to children up to the age of 16 years.

Whew! We are glad it's only once a year!

Our Christmas Partners ensured that every child had a happy Christmas Day!

Prayer Support for the work of the Centre

There may be some people who are unable to come to the Centre to volunteer but would like to help out in some way. Why not become a prayer support volunteer and help us from your home?

The Centre encounters many challenges on a daily basis. Often the situations that are presented to us, by the people who come to the Centre, are heartbreaking. We do our very best to help them and refer them to the appropriate agencies. We are often left to wonder, did we do enough?

We need pray support to help these individuals. If you are interested, we will send you a prayer card and some other information to help you understand the plight of he poor in this community.

Just call us to register. As a prayer support volunteer you will receive this newsletter biannually to keep you informed on the fruits of your prayers.

Some angels pray in heaven, others pray right here on earth.

Ken Grant, an old friend and dedicated Board Member, retires.

After retiring from the accounting department of the Public School Board, Ken Grant joined the Board of Directors of the Agapè Centre in the capacity of Treasurer. After working very hard for the Centre for six years, Ken retired to enjoy more leisure time on the golf links and to travel with his lovely wife, Terry.

Ken could be seen on any given day coming into the Centre to carry out his duties as Treasurer. He worked diligently, making sure that every detail was tended to with meticulous accuracy. His wife, Terry, also helped by typing many reports over the years. One of the major reasons for Ken's visits was to make photocopies. We tried very hard to teach him how to do it himself but he always pretended that he forgot how. This was a running joke between Ken and the staff but you know what? We miss making your photocopies, Ken!

From the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers, all the best to you and Terry. Enjoy a well deserved "true" retirement.

We extend a warm welcome to Anna Boisvenue who has accepted the position of Board Treasurer. Anna is a social worker with the Ontario Works Department of Cornwall and SD∓G.

The years teach what the days never knew...


Our Board of Directors and their Portfolios

Thank You Volunteers!!!

The Agapè Centre could not exist without you, who give so generously of your time, talent and energy. You are appreciated more than words can express!

God Bless All Of You!

Community Partners

* * *

The following is a list of businesses that help the Agapè Centre on a regular basis. 

Without their assistance we would not be able to offer 

the quality of service that we now provide for the less fortunate of this community.

* * *

Super C Farm Boy Fresh Markets Munroe, Cottrell, McAteer ∓ McCosham Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Nativity Hall Iroquois Water Simon ∓ Sherrol's No Frills Standard-Freeholder La Caisse Populaire 

Menard's Rona Home Centre Amazing Waste Dave's Reliable Signs A∓P Superfresh (Brookdale Mall)

Rangard Security Cardinal ∓ Sons Meats R∓L Distributors Neilson's Products

Seaway News Cornwall Mini Storage Maynard's Your Independent Grocer

Wal-Mart Natrel Sealtest Products Johnston ∓ Beaudette Chartered Accountants

Major Meat Market SD∓G Sanitary Supplies L K Business Machines Systems Inc.

Randy's Auto Service Wagar' Pest Control Ltd. Minimax Express Transportation Inc.

Marleau Mechanical St. John's Transfer Ltd. Monkland Egg Grading Station

Journal de Cornwall Moise Red and White Landry's Equipment Sales ∓ Service

Country Style Donuts Linc Wholesale Foods

Olco Petroleum Group Inc. our after-hours donation drop-off center on Montreal Road.


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