Although I may not have much time to dedicate to this subject... let's get started now!

     One of my recent favourites is definitely "He and I" by Gabriel Bossis (died on June 9th 1950).  There's a very economical version available through Mediaspaul which has been translated and condensed by Evelyn M. Brown in one volume.  The original french version is in quite a few booklets (6 or 7 I believe).  Lovely synthesis of the original one!  It's not often that I prefer a translated version to the original! There would be so much to say about this book but you just have to go out and buy it. I'm almost tempted to say "satisfaction guaranteed".  Here's an excerpt "...each one of your thoughts and feelings reverberates for good or evil.  Didn't you tell me you wanted to help Me in the work of redemption?  Then do all that you do to this end." p.182

     This is it for now but if you found your way here then truly you have found a treasure in this reference to He and I.  If you ever come across a newer edition in any language or find an online version please send me an email. 

Fr. Dan + M


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