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Glory be forever to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit --- the Most Holy Trinity!

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To listen to some free inspiring sacred hymns, prayers and seasonal songs, click Veni, Sancte, Spiritus, Deum, Gott, Holy, Lord, God, Emmanuel, Eternal, Crowns, Salve, Sanctissima, Daily, Sing, Sing, Rosary, Beautiful, Immaculate, Mother, Dear, Magnificat, Gratia, Ave, Ave1, Ave2, Ave3, Sacra, Hail, Maria, Maria1, Maria2, Heaven, Sancta, Flowers, Crowning, Queen, Marian, Marian2, Corona, Angel, Great, Great2, Great3, Great4, Missa, Church, Sacrament, Sacrament2, Sacrament3, Holy, Soul, Anima, Sweet, Sacred, Precious, Meek, Heart, Cor, Jesus, Light, Light2, Friend, Shepherd1, Shepherd2, Shepherd3, Shepherd4, Catholic, Salutaris, Adoration, Adoro, Adorote, Presence, Tantum1, Tantum2, Tantum3, Tantum4, Tantum5, Monastery, Remember, JPII, Life, Panis, Panis2, Angelicus, Vierge, Jesu, Jesu2, Desiring, Joy, Joy2, Joy3, Happy, Birthday, It is, Well, Well2, Divine, Trust, Faithfulness, Because, Decided, Bless, Alleluia, Regina, Regina2, Halleluia, SAINTS, St.Francis, Hillsong, Land, King, Lead, Glory, Lourdes, Macau, Madrid, Medjugoje, Christmas, Rest, O Come, Ave, Stille, Nacht, Adeste, Come, Holy, Night, Bells, Merry, Jingle, Carols, 3-Hours, Concierto, Vien, München, Marche, Danube, Joy, Hark, Angels, Nowell, Carols, Gloria, HalleluiaJerusalem, Holy, City, Jesus, New Year. Praise be to the Holy Spirit!

**In view of so many secular advertisements appearing unintentionally from the backgrounds of the sacred hymns, it may be important to simply focus on the intended sacred music and its sanctifying effects. (Phi 4:8-9)

*Christ is truly resurrected! Alleluia! Alleluia! (April 8, 2018)




       Highlighted by quotable quotes and inspirations for meditation, this friendly site is best read slowly. In various approaches to God's ineffable grace, we include theological, pastoral and devotional contents for the blessing of all our visitors. We do not attempt to cover everything under the sun. Our goal is reached if we can help shed some light for one's journey of faith, hope and love in God's ever mysterious grace.

We also give particular attention, wherever feasible, to the three unqiue greatest Treasures of Grace of the Catholic Church, namely, the Holy Eucharist, Our Heavenly Mother, and the Pope - the Vicar of Christ. Without these special graces, the Mystical Body of Christ (as well as the People of God, etc.) which we love, being one, holy, catholic and apostolic, would become immensely undernourished, weakened and uprooted.

Indeed, if we can help one person open his or her eyes to God's grace (or any of God's graces) to a greater degree and eventually receive eternal salvation from God, then everything that we have done or are going to do is worth it. This is done gladly as our very precious gift to God the Father, through Christ Jesus and in the Holy Spirit, together with the whole Family of God's Holy Angels and Saints. Praise be to the Holy Spirit!

May the Holy Trinity, the Holy Eucharist, Our Heavenly Mother, as well as all the Holy Angels and Saints in Heaven continue to bless you, as well as your dear family, friends and dreams, as well as anyone you know!

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*We declare that we accept no responsibility for articles, comments, remarks or secular advertisements popping up from the backgrounds of the sacred hymns listed above which are defamatory of the Church's Magisterium. Thank you.