About McMaster Chinese Catholic Community

The McMaster Chinese Catholic Community is a group started by Chinese Catholic students for the purpose of sharing the Roman Catholic Faith. An officially recognized club by the McMaster Student's Union, MCCC follows the Catholic mission of evangelization and outreach to support the Chinese Catholics in the university.

MCCC was established by several catholic students in McMaster University in 1999 to build a strong Chinese Catholic presence. The group gathers weekly to celebrate the faith through discussions, sharings, prayers and singspiration. We have also organized visits to elderly homes such as Mon Sheong and Yee Hong, participating in various activities from prize drawings to Christmas Carolling. It is not all work as our other events include barbecues and ski trips.

MCCC is a part of the Joint University Chinese Catholic Communities, a network of CCC's from other Ontario universities. Participating universities include Western, Queens, McMaster, University of Toronto, and University of Waterloo. This network of CCC's provides a rich source of information, unity, and support for all CCC's. Together, JUCCC has brought great events such as campus visits to each different university, social services to the communities they support, and our yearly JUCCC retreat. The retreat provides a great venue for different university CCC members to meet one another and share experiences