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  • NACAR is a member-centric organization, it was created by and for it members.  There are currently two levels of membership in NACAR, Congregational and Individual.

    Congregational Membership:

    Congregational membership is the backbone of NACAR, membership at this level offers comprehensive services of networking, in-service opportunities, access to all research materials, and discounted fees to all workshops, services, and of course our bi-annual International Conference.

    Fees are set on a sliding scale depending on the number of members and associates in your congregation.  Congregational Membership includes:

    v      Congregational listing in our printed directory,

    v      One copy of the printed NACAR Membership Directory (additional copies at discounted price),

    v      One subscription to our newsletter, “The Associate”, (additional copies at discounted price),

    v      Discounted registration fees to all NACAR sponsored workshops and our bi-annual conference.

    v      Access to all materials in NACAR’s library.

    v      Regular mailings which includes, NACAR’s Annual Report,

    v      Discounted fees to access NACAR’s Consulting Services.

    v      Web linking of your congregation’s site on our webpage,

    v      Assistance in connecting with intercongregational associate groups without Canada and the United States.

    v      Future benefits:

    o        Upon completion of new website, access to our “Members Only Page”

    o        “NACAR ON LINE”, a new electronic newsletter to our members only via the internet.

    Individual Membership:

    Individual memberships were originally designed for individual associates and religious who wished to promote the work of NACAR at a cost they could afford.  This level of membership is not meant to take the place of congregational memberships.

    Individual Membership includes:

    v      One subscription to our newsletter, “The Associate”.

    v      One discounted fee towards the registration fee for any NACAR sponsored event and/or our bi-annual conference.

    v      Listing of your name and address in the NACAR Membership Directory.

    v      Access to purchase membership directory at a discounted rate.

     Subscriptions to “The Associate”:

    Subscriptions to our newsletter “The Associate” are available.  Please note that being a subscriber to our newsletter does not give you membership in our organization.  You will receive our newsletter three times a year, but you are not eligible for any of the above member benefits.


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