NACAR North American Conference of Associates and Religious

Use of the NACAR name and symbol

As a foundation principle, the North American Conference of Associates and Religious (NACAR) has promoted and supported the growth of grassroots groups of Associates and Religious in order to advance associate relationship at the local level. The NACAR Board of Directors is very supportive of any efforts to form local geographic groups. It is such groups that are the backbone of the NACAR network.

NACAR itself is a growing organization. We have only recently obtained our not-for-profit status from the State of New York. As a newly incorporated, nonprofit organization, we are exploring the many legal issues our nonprofit status presents to us. One such issue is the use of this name NACAR by any group other than the organization itself, since the use of this name affects various legal and financial obligations of the corporate entity of NACAR. Therefore, the NACAR Board of Directors asks that the regional groups connected either directly or indirectly with NACAR not use the title in conjunction with their organization until such time as we can research the implications of such use, legally, financially and otherwise.

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