St. Theresa Catholic Cemetery - West Point, VA

St. John Kanti Cemetery - New Kent, VA


In accordance with Canon 1243 (Appropriate norms are to be enacted by particular law for the management of cemeteries, especially in what concerns the protection and the fostering of their sacred character.)  Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Church hereby approves and publishes the Cemetery Association policies and regulations..

Members of the Cemetery Association 

Mark Drexler - chairman

Kay Getman

Mildred Hite

David Seckora

Carolyn Drexler


The cemetery is thoroughly cleaned and all old and out-of-season flowers are removed twice a year.  This occurs generally 2 weeks before Easter and 2 weeks before Thanksgiving.


Click here to be linked to the Web Site "" where Donald O'Connor has provided a list of those currently buried in St. Theresa Cemetery