The Father van den Boogaard Hall


Banquet facilities, owned and operated by Our Lady of the  Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church,  will accommodate receptions, banquets, conferences, or meetings. Whether you are serving 50 or 275 people, or any size gathering in between, consider the Father van den Boogaard Hall for your event. Elegance and charm are the ambience of our  totally renovated banquet room.

Located in the historic town of West Point, Virginia, the facility offers ample parking and truly elegant banquet space at a minimal price.

The Father van den Boogaard Hall is located approximately

        30 Minutes from Williamsburg

        60 Minutes from Richmond

        90 Minutes from Virginia Beach


Rental space includes:


Fee Schedule - Full use of hall


                                    Non-profit service groups (churches, fire departments, rescue squads, charities)


                                        $200.00 refundable deposit

                                        $400.00 rental

                                        $100.00 insurance


                                    Active Parishioners


                                        $400.00 rental

                                        $100.00 insurance


                                    All others


                                        $200.00 refundable deposit

                                        $700.00 rental

                                        $100.00 insurance


Fee Schedule for limited use (i.e. foyer and/or kitchen) available by calling  804-843-3125


There will be a $25.00 fee for four hours set-up time the night before to set up or decorate (provided the hall is not being used for a parish function)


Deposit refund policy:


The premises must be left in original condition in order to have deposit refunded.

The premises must be cleaned - garbage and all food stuff removed, decorations taken down before 9 a.m. the following morning.

We have a custodian you can hire to do this at a reasonable fee, or you can make your own arrangements.