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Our Lady of the Snows School
Dress Code Guide

The dress code policy of Our Lady of the Snows School reflects that the school dress code shall be neat, conductive to learning, and consistent with Christian values. Parents are to review.

White, navy blue, light blue, and/or yellow shirts
Khaki or navy blue pants or shorts
Slacks Solid navy blue or khaki. Please avoid pants that are striped or have designs.(Stretch pants may be worn for kindergarteners through 2nd grade.) The following are not allowed: wind pants, jogging pants, form fitting stretch pants, fleece pants gathered at ankles, denim, overalls, no sports like pants. No saggy pants.
Shorts, skirts, jumpers, culottes Solid or patterned navy blue or khaki Must go around the knee. No white. Jumpers that are sleeveless must have collared shirt underneath.
Shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets Patterned or solid in white, navy, light blue, or khaki. Buttoned front shirt, blouse with collar or polo shirt with collar. OLOS and Helias hooded sweatshirts may be worn. Turtle neck (no mock), turtleneck sweaters with fold over collar are acceptable. Other sweaters or non-hooded OLOS or Helias sweatshirts may be worn over an acceptable shirt. Shirts must have a collar. The collar must fold over to be considered a collar. Shirts need to be long enough to be tucked in properly. Small logos are permitted, including Helias and OLOS school emblems. Large name brands larger than 2X2 and other sports team emblems are not. (EXAMPLE: NIKE) No words larger than 2X2 on any shirts. Must not be suggestive of alcohol, or improper sayings. Tee shirts may only be worn as undershirts and must be school colors (yellow, blue or white). Coats and jackets are worn only for outdoor use. Jackets must be school colors if they want to wear indoors. Shirts must have sleeves that extend at least to mid point between shoulder and elbow.
Shoes Any color tennis shoes are preferred. For safety reasons, no open toed shoes. (No toes showing.)
Dress Down Days Clothing must meet all length requirements. Logos cannot have suggestive or advertising of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and sexual or implied sexual content. Jeans may not have holes in them that show skin.
Makeup and Hair Accessories Cover up and powder for cosmetic reasons is allowed. Hair must be combed and clean. No eyeliner, lipstick, or other makeup. No hair color that isn't a natural hair color (pink, purple, ect.) Cannot interfere with others learning. No mohawks, or wild colored hair.
Jewelry, Tattoos, Writing Earrings are allowed for girls only. No large hoop or dangling earrings are allowed for safety reasons. Earrings are only allowed on the ear. No washable or permanent tattoos allowed on the body. No writing or decorative ink on any part of the body.

Violations of the dress code will follow regular discipline action. Parents will be notified by letter or phone call if there child isn't appropriately dressed. Students could be sent home before being allowed to return to class. A letter will be sent home informing the parents of the dress code violation. Shorts and skirts will follow a three-strike warning. After three strikes, the student will no longer be able to wear shorts or skirts for the rest of the year. After the first warning, they will owe $2.00 for dress code violation.

Students will have special dress down days each month. These days will be clearly marked on the school calendar. Clothing must meet length requirements for dress down day. The principal will hand out birthday dress down passes for student birthdays. A dress down pass will also be issued to parents for each of their children at the end of the Home and School meeting. The pass will be good until the next home and school meeting.

The primary responsibility for complying with the dress code lies with the parents. We must have your support and cooperation. Since all styles of clothing cannot be considered in this policy, if a particular style is not listed, it is considered unacceptable. The administration reserves the right to determine appropriateness of attire in relation to the dress code in particular instances.
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