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Our Lady of the Snows
Before and After School Care Program

Our Lady of the Snows School before and after care program serves working families who desire supplementary day care in a Christian environment for children enrolled at Our Lady of the Snows School. The program is available on a full-time, part-time, and drop in basis.

Hours of operation are
Before school care 6:45 - 7:30
After school care 3:30 - 5:30

Fees for the Program are payable monthly for full time and part time participants. Fees for the program are payable monthly for regular (full and part-time) participants regardless whether your child attends or not. There will be no extended care when school is canceled for the entire day or bad weather (Snow Day). Checks need to be made payable to OLOS Extended Care.

Payment for regular (full and part-time) participants is due the first school day of the month. Payment is to be sent to the school office and made payable to "OLOS Extended Care". Drop-ins must pay on the day of service. The program is entirely financed by the fees. Regular and prompt payment will assure the continuation of personnel and the provision of ample supplies, equipment, and snacks. Accounts must be paid up to date each month or service for Extended care will not be provided.

Fee Schedule

Full-time and part-time participants
$5.00 per day per child.
(This includes an afternoon snack and drink)

$6.00 per day
Early dismissal drop-in $10.00.

Parents must make arrangements to have their child picked up if they foresee being late. A $5.00 per 5-minute late fee will be incurred. Excessive late pick-ups could result in your child being dismissed from the extended care program.

Physical and creative activities along with daily free time will be provided. Quiet time and study time will also be provided. Children will be supervised at all times.

Emergency and Safety
Before any child is allowed to attend the OLOS Extended care program he/she must have a registration/emergency form on file. These can be obtained from the school office. Parents or guardians cannot take children from the schoolyard or from the school office without signing the students out. For your child's protection, release will not be granted to any person NOT listed on the registration/emergency unless notified in writing of a change by the parent or guardian.

Illness or Accident
First aid will be administered on the premises for minor accidents. In cases that appear serious, the program directors will follow instructions given on the school emergency form.

Prescription medication will not be administered by mouth unless both a written statement from a physician detailng method, amount, and time schedule, and a written statement from the parent or guardian authorizing the staff, to assist a child in taking such medication is on file.

Non-prescription medication will be administered only with a written statement on file from the parent or guardian authorizing the director to assist the child in taking such medication.

The directors will act according to his/her best judgement for the welfare of the child.

Expectations for Children's Behaviour
As members of a Christian and caring community the children will be expected to respect the directors, each other, and the materials and environment provided. The children must NEVER leave the building or grounds without explicit permission from the directors. Such permission will only be granted with permission of the parent or guardian.

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