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Summary of School Fees

Preschool Fees:

Preschool Sustaining Fee: $60, Due on date of open house. One time payment, payable to OLOS Church. Payment maybe combined with daily attendance fee (please notate)

Preschool Daily Attendance Fee - $16/day full-time, $18/day part-time, PREPAY weekly or monthly, payable to OLOS Church. Payment is expected for each day your child is registered, regardless of actual attendance. Minimum paymnet of three days per week for those enrolled part time.

School Fees: Grades K-8

Sustaining Fee: $110 per child (due @ Open House). One-time fee, payable to OLOS Church. (This consist of book/activity fee, technology fee and reading counts shirt.)

Church/School Tithing Agreement: School support is dependant upon Parish tithing. This is payable to OLOS Church through collection basket at weekend Mass or may send to parish office through school office (see principal for out-of-parish school support fees)

School Lunches: Flat monthly rate of $40 per month for nine months - August 15 through April 15 (Total $360). For reduced lunches - $8 per month for nine months (Total $72), payable to OLOS Lunch.

Milk Money (for afternoon snack) - Kindergarten only: One-time fee of $60, due at Open House or two payments of $30 each, the second payment due after Christmas break. Payable to OLOS Lunch. This will cover milk cost for the year. Milk cards will no longer be in use.

If you have any questions, please call the school office @ 498-3574.
All payments are expected unless arrangements are made with the Pastor.

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