Legion of Mary

legion logoThe Legion of Mary is the largest apostolic organization of lay people in the catholic church with over 3 million members in almost every country of the world. It has been endorsed by the Second Vatican Council. Its stated main purpose is 'To give glory to God through the sanctification of its members'.

A unit of the Legion of Mary is known as the Praesidium and two or more units are known as Praesidia. Each Praesidium bears the title of 'Our Lady, Queen and Commander of the Legion of Mary'.

The Legion of Mary in the Parish of St. Francis Xavier Church, Parksite first took its roots during the tenure of then Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Ronnie Sequeira way back in the early 1980's, but, it could not establish itself. With the assistance of a Praesidium of a neighboring parish i.e St. Joseph's Church, Vikhroli and under the guidance of Rev. Fr. Donath D'Souza, the Legion was re-established on December 6th, 1987.

This new Praesidium grew in strength, later branching into two more Senior Praesidium, establishing under their care five Junior Praesidium. Today with the blessings of Rev. Fr. German Lemos, the Legion of Mary, Parksite has a total strength of about 115 active members, and twice the number of auxiliary members in this Parish.

A pair of legionaries devotes at least two hours of work per week which includes visiting the auxiliaries, sick parishioners and those in the hospitals, and also visiting our Non-Christian brethren, thereby spreading the good news to all. The Regina Pacis Curia (to which the Praesidium are affiliated to) is the higher body, which is directly affiliated to the Concilium Legionis Mariae, situated in Dublin, Ireland. With the steady growth of the eight Praesidium at Parksite, it is emerging as one of the strongest and most efficient units in the Regina Pacis Curia.

The Praesidium and the their timings are given below :

Contact Persons :

Name of Praesidia Contact Person Tel No.
Mother of the Church Allan Britto 5172542
Mother Most Pure John D'Souza 5182669
Mother of the Sacred Heart Gilbert Olivera 5182634

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