Grand Knight’s Message


I hope all of you had a very happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.  We had 45 or so brothers and family members attend the Thanksgiving Day Mass at the Council Hall on Thanksgiving Day.  It was a great turn out.  Thank you, Father Sean, for saying the mass and for your powerful words.  It was a great start to the day for which we all should give thanks.  I extend my gratitude to all that helped set up the altar and the room and participated in the mass.  The day was capped off with a coffee social after the mass.  My appreciation goes to all those that helped set that up. 


It was a day indeed for us to give thanks to God.  He asks so little from us and gives us so much.  This is a day in which families put aside their differences and show their appreciation for each other and for the Blessings of God.


As I sat and listened to Father Sean’s words, it became clear to me that we all need to search our hearts and ask ourselves if we are giving what we can as Knights in God’s army.  We have around 400 members and yet it becomes increasingly difficult to get my brothers out to work a social at a church, participate in Charity events, come to meetings, run a program, and take an active role in a project or Council event.  I am not talking to the 25 – 30 that do the lion share of the work.  I am focused on the new members that have come into the Knights in the last couple of years, and the long time members that we have not seen for some time.  Oh, there are some new members that have stepped up and some of the long time members that I am starting to see now and then.  There are many more of you that I am appealing to step up and become more active.


I am endeavoring to set up programs that will spark your interest or push that hot button to get you involved.  We are now in the process of calling fellow brothers to give you a personal invitation to the meetings and let you know what is going on at the time so you can participate.  We are having some success, but time will tell how successful it will be.  We just had a Knight at the Races and preliminary numbers show we will make a profit, but there were only 60 or so people there and many of them were not Knights of Columbus members.  Where were all of you?  I know this is a busy society, but I expected to see at least 100 or so participants.  I am very grateful to those that showed up to work the Race and for those that did come and help us to raise some money










to take care of some of our programs and the running of the hall. 


We have several programs coming up that I have been promoting.  They include a possible Family Breakfast in a couple of the churches to help pay for contributions to School and Church programs and to help fill some of our financial gaps for Council expenses.  We are in the process of setting up Family Masses at each church to show unity and family values as well as visibility in the parishes.  It will

give us a chance to celebrate mass as a family of Knights.  We want to set up a “Fish Fry” during lent to raise funds to pay for some of the council programs and expenses of the council.  There will also be a “Men’s Day of Prayer” in the spring that I will head.  We are preparing for an Art Auction in May. 


We need fellow Knights to take lead roles in these programs and others to work with them.  The rest of us need to participate in the events in order to make it successful.  My view is that many are waiting for the other guy to do it.  You must keep in mind that while all events should be council events for all to participate in, you owe it to your parish to be first in line to work a church project in your parish and work with your Council Round Table to make all events successful.  We are revitalizing the Round Table and your coordinator will be contacting you soon.


Why am I concerned?  We appear to have become a “money will fix the problem” society.  As Knights, we should be involved with Church, School, Community, Youth, and Family programs.  We should be involved with programs that will not cost us funds that the council may not have.  I would like to propose programs like, “Visit the Vets Day”.  As a council we could spend the day with a vet and keep them company.  We could visit nursing homes and bring a smile to an elderly person that starves for a friendly face or simple conversation.  Why can’t we visit an orphan home, shelter for kids, etc.. and be a parent for a day to those kids?  Maybe we can help a displaced family due to fire, financial problems, etc… in our parishes with our labor to get them moved.  We can work with our churches and schools through the Round Table to assist on various projects. Money is not needed in these cases.  It does take commitment and responsibility on all of our parts.  There is concern that we cannot get the commitment needed to answer the needs.  Don’t get me wrong.  As for the hand full of Knights that show up for many events and do the work, they should be proud and satisfied for true reflections of Knighthood.  How can we propose these types of programs when we can’t get enough knights to man a recruitment day at the church, help man a booth at a time and talent Sunday, stand in front of a store for ARC to raise money for Special needs citizens, etc….?  The few are wearing out.  It is time for all of us to step and do our part.  “Back to the Future” is our State Deputy’s theme song.  Council 1432 in Somerville should be a model of that theme.  Let’s get back to what our council has been and what it should be.  Come to the meetings, come to the social nights, get involved in a project or program and feel the rewards.  If we all do something, we will get the job done easily with very little effort.  Ask yourself when you were involved in a program.  If you cannot remember, it is time to get back in the program.


Let me know what you think of some of the programs I am proposing.  Can we see the vets, the nursing home residents, kids needing a parent figure?  E mail me at or call me 908-237-9258 and let me know what you think.  Do you have the commitment, the drive, the burning desire to make a difference?  I hope so.  For Thanksgiving is a time for being thankful for all that we have.  It is also a time for sharing the talent and time we have with others.  Knights are the fraternal backbone of the family and community.  We have an obligation as Knights to demonstrate that quality and demonstrate our willingness to share what God has given us.  Be first to step up and get involved.  The other guy will follow your lead.  Are we ready?  Can we make a difference? 


I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a Holy and Happy Christmas from the Newsom family to our family of Knights.  May God continue to bless you.


Vitat Jesus,

Ron Newsom, Grand Knight


Breakfast with Santa – Saturday, Dec 10


A Somerville Council tradition continues with a pancake breakfast and a visit from Santa! It all takes place Saturday, December 10 with breakfast served from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. and Santa scheduled to appear about 10:30 a.m. (perhaps sooner if it’s windy!).  Adults $4.00, children free. Don't be left out -- Call Art Beaver at 908-369-5905 with the number of adults and children attending or use the sign-up sheet at the hall.

In addition, council members are needed to help Santa and work the griddle. Give Brother Art a call if you can assist.


Art Beaver, PGK

Adult Christmas Party – Friday, Dec. 16


Doors open 7:30 PM.  Your entrance fee for each couple will be a dish of finger food. e.g. cheese plate, chips & dip, … you get the idea. Drinks will be at half price. Come out and wish each other a Merry Christmas. We will have music, cheer and play a little group Christmas Trivia. Sign up at the hall so we know how many people are coming.


Chairman Joe Raimondo, PGK


Christmas Food Baskets – Wed. Dec. 21


Wednesday Dec. 21. We will be picking up, packing and distributing food baskets for the needy. Help is required. What a wonderful way to spread the word of God by feeding the needy at this blessed time of the year. We will be meeting at Pathmark Somerville at 6:30pm to load the food on trucks and take it to the Council. There we will box it up and ship it to the different churches. Sign up sheets are at the hall. If you cannot get to Pathmark come down to the council hall – we should be arriving back around 7:15 pm.


Chairman Joe Raimondo, PGK


Upcoming Events


Dec     1 (Th)    Reg Business Meeting 8 PM

Dec     4 (Sun)   4th Degree Christmas Party 3 PM

Dec     8 (Th)    Social Night at the Council

Dec   10 (Sat)    Breakfast With Santa 9:30 AM

Dec   14 (Wd)   1st Degree Ceremony 8 PM

Dec   15 (Th)    Reg Business Meeting 8 PM

Dec   16 (Fri)    K of C Adult Christmas Party 7:30 PM

Dec   21 (Wd)   Christmas Food Baskets 6:30 PM ---

Dec   22 (Th)    Social Night at the Council




Brothers,   "Vets-to-Mass" volunteer Sunday, at Lyons Veterans Hospital, for our council was Nov. 13th.  We had an excellent showing of volunteers to escort about 12 veterans to Mass.  Many thanks to Brother and "Brotherette" Steve and Cathy McCarthy, Brothers Stan Horoszewski, Frank Mollo, John Smith, Lou Masi and Past Grand Knights Henry Yablonski and Art Beaver.  Special commendation to Brother Lou Masi who volunteers his time every Sunday morning at Lyons.  The administrator (a perennial volunteer herself) of the Sunday morning Mass escort program was well pleased with the number of us who came to help the vets. For any of you (if so inclined) it seems that volunteers are sorely needed almost every Sunday at Lyons to escort Vets to Mass.  I was told that the week before (Nov. 6th), no volunteers showed up to escort Vets to Mass and the week before that (Oct. 30th), only 2 volunteers made themselves available.


Once again, many thanks to all the volunteers.  The next "Vet-to-Mass" Sunday for our council is February 12, 2006.  I hope to see just as many volunteers in Feb. I want to take this opportunity to wish all Brothers and their families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


Sincerely,  PGK Mike Cebo 


Knight at the Races

We had a very generous crowd of about 50 people at the Nov. 18th Knight at the Races.  Everyone had a good time and it looks like we netted around $800.  Hopefully our next race night will be one of greater participation of Knights, their family and friends.  A big thanks to Mike Power for getting the event started and for Henry Yablonski for getting the permits and gift certificates and working on the flyers.  Joe Raimondo was excellent at the race caller.  Thanks go out to the guys manning the betting tables and the guys in the back figuring the odds and the winners.  Eric and Lynn served up a great brew for the bar.  Joann Power managed the kitchen to perfection and for all those that helped with the food, Carl LaTerra, … thank you very much.  Pete was at the door and his friendly smile was a wonderful sight as he collected the money.  Lastly, a hearty thanks to all of you that participated and gave so generously.  We raised $540 in the 50/50 and the council received $270. Great job everyone.!


Your Grand Knight  and Council Need You

We are in the stages of establishing a family Prayer Mass at each of the churches.  Brother Scott Morrisey is our Round Table leader and will be meeting with the Round Table to make plans at each of our churches.  When you get the call or receive the message of the time and date of your Family Mass, please sign on and make it a wonderful blessed event. 


For those of you that have not been to a meeting lately, PLEASE COME BACK! We need you and your input on council issues, programs, etc…  We have things like the Teen dance, Altar server appreciation party, Men’s prayer day, Lenten Fish Fry, All you can eat Family Breakfast, Art Auction, Spring Dance or Council raffle,  etc… in which we will need your support and your help.  There is something for everyone.  Thanks to Jim Farmer, we are embarking on a phone out project to each brother once a month.  We hope to keep you informed and see you at a meeting or event real soon.   If you do not know who to go to, then please come to me.  I can be reached at 908-237-9258 or email at 

I need leaders and supporters from each parish to be successful.  If anyone is interested in being a Pro-Life Couple for the Council, please let me know.  This is an important program and we need a chairman to handle the various programs, attend pro life meetings and organize activities.


Publicity is a needed part of the Council.  I really could use a Publicity Director that will make sure important programs and articles go to various K of C as well as the public news media.  We need to let the public know what we are doing and spread the word of our dedication to God, Church and Family.


I am looking for someone to take over the Newsletter responsibilities from Brother George Cox.  As Treasurer, George has a lot on his plate.  If you don’t feel you can take the leadership role, then let me know if you are interested in helping with distribution / mailing. If we can form a committee, the burden would be light for all.


Lastly, I will lead a team in a Men’s prayer day in the spring.  It would be a program held on a Saturday Morning starting with Mass and Breakfast.  We would bring in a guest speaker to talk about a “Knight’s role in the family” or something along those lines.  We would have lunch and then finish up with discussion or continued talk and then adjourn for the day.  It could be held in the Hall and is open to all men who wish to attend.  Let me know if you are interested in helping with the program.


Please consider these programs and let me know how you would like to help.  Let me know what you would like to do or I will discuss ways that you can help.  This is an opportunity for new members to get involved and for some of our long time members to get active again.  A little of your time is all I need to be successful.


Retention: The retention committee of Ken Genco (Chairman), Tom Russell, Mike Cebo, Jerry Nugent, Henry Yablonski and myself are following up on those that have failed to pay their dues.  We set up a program last year and had no brothers in arrears as of the end of the Columbian year.  We now must follow up on 50-60 brothers.  If you have not received your current membership card, you are in arrears.  Please call Tom Russell or one of the committee members and get your dues in.  If you have an issue, call Tom or me to help.


Your cooperation is appreciated.  We do not want to suspend any members.  Most of the time it is just an oversight.  Thank you in advance for your prompt attention.


Ron Newsom, GK

Columbus Club Corner


Remember the council hall is open every Thursday beginning at 7pm for socializing; so come on down.


Hall Rentals:  One of your benefits of membership in our council is the ability to rent the council hall. Rental rates are reasonable and the decorated hall makes an excellent venue for many celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, showers, sacraments, etc. Contact me to reserve your date.


Jim Trenchard, PGK  (908) 231-0827

President and Hall Rental Chairman


Religious Articles


Do you have any extra religious articles that you do not know what to do with?  Please bring them to the next business meeting. Brother Bob Behling will ensure that they are sent to Missions in Developing Nations.


Eye Glasses/Cell Phones/Printer Toner


Reminder:  Ongoing support is required for the drives to collect eye glasses for the needy, used cell phones and printer cartridges.   These items can be brought down to the council hall any Thursday night.  Spread the word to friends and relatives to help us in these efforts. 


K O C Apparel & Entertainment Books:


Jackets w/ Hoods  Sizes M – XL  $37.00  XXL  $40.00                     Colors:  Navy Blue or Hunter Green

Note:  name embroidered for just $5.00 extra !!!

Polo Shirts         Sizes M–XXL     $20.00

Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Black, Gray or White

White Pocket T-Shirts  Sizes available:  M-XXL

    K of C Emblem on Pocket  $9.00 each

    K of C Emblem on Back   $12.00 each

    K of C Emblem on Pocket & Back  $14. ea.

Embroidered Hats         $15.00

Colors:  Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Black, White

Please contact Eric Derwid at (908) 685-3913 or by email with your order.  Proceeds will go to the “Save the Building” fund.


Columbiettes News


The Columbiettes is the Lady’s auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus, they do a lot of wonderful actives which help out our Council.  If you know someone who is interested in getting involved please contact: Grace Longo 908-725-1114.


Insurance Corner - - Long Term Care


Long-term care’s impact on your financial and personal well-being is intensifying period! With each passing day your awareness of this looming crisis continues to heighten through the media, consumer reports, and sometimes tragically through your own personal experiences.  Many of you have chosen to down play this problem, brushing it aside as being unlikely to occur. Others have taken the positive approach by addressing this matter through various asset accumulation/protection solutions.


Is quality of life important to you, your spouse or your family?  You better believe it is!  A recent survey  concluded that  asset protection  is critical in consumer buying decisions. It also brought out other factors such as, freedom of choice, (concerning care providers), and independence (from family) which are just as important to your well-being.


The fact remains that quality of life often makes it difficult for those analytically minded to come to terms with Long Term Care Insurance.  Peace of mind far outweighs the burdensome decision of whether to purchase or not to purchase.  Do you want to preserve your lifetime earnings/savings?  Do you want to place the burden of your care on your family?  Do you want peace of mind, and security?  Is  your family willing to take on the additional responsibility?  Ask yourself these questions.  Yes, these are eye openers!   Have you taken the necessary steps for your family's protection needs?


On a personal note, I am in the process of working out Long Term Care plans for an elderly relative. Six months ago she was up and around. In December, she turned 89. Unfortunately now, she can no longer care for herself. She wants nothing more than to go home. That’s no longer a possibility. Medicare cut off benefits after 18 days, when it was determined she’s not going to improve. The Nursing Home wants an astounding $6,500 a month! NOW! A lifetime of savings will be wiped out in just a few short years. Don’t let your family be put in this same position. You owe it to them to at least explore your options. Feel free to call to discuss our K of C Long Term Care.


Fraternally,  Tony

Anthony Petto, PGK

(908) 253-8633 – b       (908) 625-4021 -  c


AOH Happenings


Want to know what is going on at the AOH? Now the AOH publishes its Newsletter online:  Click on WEB Updates at the bottom of the AOH home page:

Somerville Council: Officer Roll Call


Msgr. Liam Minoque,  Pastor MMOG

Rev. Sean Broderick, MMOG



Ron Newsom

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Ken Genco

Deputy Grand Knight


George Cox



Eric Derwid



Scott Morrisey



Tom Russell

Financial. Secretary


Giulio Capra



Jim Farmar



Carl LaTerra



John Lynch



Robert Behling

Inside Guard


Tom Faenza

Outside Guard


Henry Yablonski

3-yr Trustee


Jerry Nugent

2-yr. Trustee


Mike Cebo

1-yr. Trustee


Tom Mendelson

District Deputy












“Merry Christmas To All And To All A Good Knight”






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Please send an email to George Cox . He will add you the list and we will save on the paper and postage and labor.



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Santa Dec, 25





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