Grand Knight’s Message


Brother Knights,


I wish you and your families a Happy and Prosperous New Year. 


Within the Council, two of our Brothers are sick: Brs. Greg Matejek and Gene Quintieri.  Keep them in our prayers.


In December, several events were held:

1.   The Adult Christmas Party occurred on Friday, December 10.  About 30 Brothers, their wives and significant others attended.  A good time was had by all trying to remember Christmas trivia hosted by PGK Joe Raimondo.


2.   Breakfast with Santa was held on Saturday, December 11.  PGK Art Beaver was the chairman.  See page 3 for details.



Twenty-two Christmas Baskets for the needy were packed on Wednesday, December 15.  PGK Joe Raimondo was the Chairman.  See page 3 for details. 


4.   On Saturday, December 4, the “Keep Christ in Christmas” signs were erected at each of the five parishes that the Council supports.  Thanks to Brs. Eric Derwid, Joe Minarovich, Steve Minarovich and son, Scott Morrisey, Jerry Nugent, Tom Russell and grandson James, and Ed Thoden for installing the signs and removing them on Saturday, January 8. 


Upcoming events for the next few months:

1. Bishop Paul Bootkoski will attend the Chapter 4 Meeting at the Avenel Council #5088 on Friday, January 21 starting at 8 PM.  All 3rd and 4th Degree

Brothers are invited to attend and come to meet the Bishop.


2. The Super Bowl Party will be held on Sunday, February 6, starting at 4 PM.  Contact Br. Charlie Knapp or Tom Russell for more details.














3. Saturday, February 19 is our Knight Appreciation Party where we will honor Past Grand Knight Jerry Nugent.  This starts with Mass at 6:30 PM with dinner and music to follow. The cost to Brothers and spouses is $0.00.  (See article below).   Contact is DGK Ron Newsom – sign up sheet is posted. 


4. On Sunday, February 20, the Knights of Columbus will serve coffee and donuts after the 7:30, 9:00 & 10:30 AM Masses at Immaculate Conception Church.  Volunteers are needed.  Contact PGK Art Beaver or sign-up at the Hall.


5. The Spring Membership Blitz will be held on Saturday, March 5 and Sunday, March 6 at all of our parishes.  Br. Ken Genco is looking for volunteers to recruit potential new candidates for membership.


Vivat Jesus,

Grand Knight


Past Grand Knight's Appreciation Party February 19th, 2005



Please sign up and join your fellow brothers and family in honoring Jerry Nugent, our most recent Past Grand Knight.  The event will be held at the Council Hall.  You and your family will be dined with a buffet at no cost to you and you will be have the opportunity to show your appreciation for the effort that your Past Grand Knight has given to the Council.


Please mark your calendars for 6:30 Saturday night February 19 and fill out the sign up sheet so we can get a correct head count.  More details will follow.


Vivat Jesus,

Ron Newsom, DGK/PGK 


Chaplain's New Year's Message


I have a story I want to share with you as this New Year begins.  It's completely true, and helped me make some decisions about what my priorities would be for this New Year.  Perhaps you will also find it helpful.


One morning just prior to New Year's Day, I was reading the back pages of the New York Post with delight.  As you may know, the back page of the Post contains the sports headlines.  On that particular day, it contained a full page picture of pitcher Randy Johnson, who was about to be traded to my beloved New York Yankees.  I was thrilled, of course, that my team was getting another wonderful pitcher.  I couldn't help thinking of Johnson as a kind of belated Christmas present to myself and all the Yankee fans out there.


Smiling, I turned the paper over -- and became very sober when I saw the picture on the front page.  It showed an adorable little Thai girl -- probably no more than 4 or 5, if that -- reaching out to get some food from a relief worker.  The photo had been taken on one of the islands that had been absolutely devastated by the tsunamis that had struck that area.


The contrast between the pictures and accompanying stories on the front and back pages of that newspaper really made me think.  I thought of the relative comfort that affords me the time and luxury of enjoying something like baseball, and of seeing a new ballplayer as a great present.  I thought also of that girl, and how the only ‘present’ on her mind that day was a bit of rice. 


All this is not to say that I will stop following baseball or liking the Yankees.  But neither will I forget the image of that little girl, whose realities are so much harsher than my own.  Indeed, I am convinced that -- in His great providence -- our good God fully intended that I should see her picture just after gloating over the news of the Randy Johnson trade.  I believe He was reminding me to keep the 'least of His people' in mind as the New Year unfolds.


The charitable work of the Knights of Columbus is one of the greatest marks of our fraternal order.  My New Year's Message to each of you is simply this:  that as a council and as individual knights, we make a real effort to extend our charity to all God's people, from those who live and work with us, to those on the other side of the world.  As the earliest Christians were known by their charity and love, may we strive throughout this New Year to be known by our love for each other, and our charity for all. 


God Bless You,

Fr. John Barbella


Key Activities At A Glance:


Jan 20 (Th)     Regular Business Meeting, 8pm

Jan 21 (Fr)      Chapter 4 Meeting Avenel, 8 pm, Bishop Paul Bootkoski will attend.  All 3rd and 4th Degree Brothers are invited

Jan 24 (Mo)    Right to Life March, Washington, DC

Jan 25 (Tu)     4th Degree Meeting, 8pm

Jan 27 (Th)     Social Night, 7pm

Feb 3  (Th)     Regular Business Meeting, 8pm

Feb 6  (Su)     Super Bowl Party, 4 pm   

Feb 10 (Th)    Columbus Club Officers Meeting, 8pm

                     and Social Night, 7pm

Feb 17 (Th)    Regular Business Meeting, 8pm

Feb 18 (Fr)     Chapter 4 Meeting Iselin, 8 pm,  All 3rd and 4th Degree Brothers are invited

Feb 19 (Sa)     Knight Appreciation Night, 6:30 pm

Feb 20 (Su)     KofC serves Breakfast at Immaculate Conception Church after 7:30, 9:00 and 10:30 Masses

Feb 22 (Tu)    4th Degree Meeting, 8pm

Feb 24 (Th)    Social Night, 7pm

Mar 3  (Th)    Regular Business Meeting, 8pm

Mar 5  (Sa)     Membership Blitz

Mar 6  (Su)     Membership Blitz

Mar 19 (Sa)     Easter Egg Hunt


’05 Calendar Update


The 2005 Calendar Program is in full swing, if you have not turned you calendars back please do so immediately.  To those brothers who have already done so, thank you.  All calendars are not activated until they are paid for.  Mail your stubs along with the money to the council hall or 42 Charlotte Drive, Bridgewater, NJ 08807.


Mark Grace, PGK, ML  Chairperson

Looking For Easter Eggs?


The Somerville Council will have plenty of eggs for boys and girls to find at the annual Easter Egg Hunt/Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, March 19. We'll be serving meals from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. with the egg search getting underway shortly thereafter. Adults $4.00, children no charge. Sign up at the hall or call Art Beaver at 908-369-5905 to reserve your place.


Web Site Committee


Thanks to brother’s Mark Alesandro and Jeffry Wallace we will be setting up a new council web site.  However, there is still room for more participation so if you are interested it’s not too late to join in on the fun.  We will be having our first meeting at the end of January.  The committee’s task will be to develop a new web site, find a company to host the site and raise the money necessary to support the hosting.  Contact Mark Grace for more information.  (908) 658-7773 or email: mrgrace@optonline.net




The next "Vets-to-Mass" Sunday at Lyons Veterans Hospital is February 13, 2005.  Four or five volunteers are needed..  If you are interested in volunteering a little of your time on that Sunday morning, please be at the K of C hall no later than 8:00 AM so we can then car pool up to Lyons Hospital.  We usually return to the hall by  approximately 10:45AM


Mike Cebo, PGK


Columbus Club Corner


Remember the council hall is open every Thursday evening beginning at 7pm for socializing; so come on down.

Hall Rentals:

One of your benefits of membership in our council is the ability to rent the council hall. Rental rates are reasonable and the decorated hall makes an excellent venue for many celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, showers, sacraments, etc. Contact me to reserve your date.


Jim Trenchard, PGK  (908) 231-0827

President and Hall Rental Chairman

Club / Bar Notice: 

Due to numerous increased costs for our suppliers, tap beer and soda prices will be increased from $.75 to $1.00 /12 oz cup effective Feb 1, 2005.  Pitcher prices will increase from $4.00 to $5.00


Eric Derwid – Bar Chairman


J … E …  T … S          Jets - Jets - Jets


Pat Kelly and I had the hall open recently for one of the JETS playoff games.  Pat got the idea for having the hall open from Geo Faxon from the Somerville Eagles.  We had about 20 people at the bar including Pat Kelly's mother from FloridaJohn Lynch, Steve McCarthy and Tom Russell from the K of C were in attendance.  There was a healthy showing of AOH members as well as members from the Eagles.  A good time was had by all.  I want to thank all those who attended  to make the evening a success. 


Eric Derwid -  Bar Chairman


Breakfast With Santa (Update)


An energetic group of over 30 boys and girls had an opportunity to speak with Santa at the annual Christmas gathering at the council hall on December 11. While Santa handed out crayons, books and candy canes, parents and grandparents feasted on the traditional pancake and sausage breakfast.


Special thanks to Charles Hutchings, Ray Shallenberger, John Kapp and Tom Geoghegan  in the kitchen, Mike Cebo, Ken Genco, Mark Pillon, Carl Laterra and Pat Kelly as waiters and clean-up crew and, most of all, Joe Raimondo as the guy in the red suit.  Also assisting were 8th graders Abby Pillon, Pat Daly, Brendan Beaver and 6th grader Chris Beaver. See you next year –


Chairman -- Art Beaver PGK


Christmas Food Basket (Update)


22 Christmas Food Baskets were packed and distributed to needy families on Wednesday, December 15.  Thanks to the following Brothers who assisted: Giulio Capra, Frank Carpinelli, Mike Cebo, Eric Derwid, Dan Esposito, Ken Genco, Ed Harris, Stan Horoszewski, Pete Ilotti, Charlie Knapp, Lou Masi, Joe Minarovich, Steve Minarovich, Ron Newsom, Mike Power, Tom Russell, Barney Sloan, Ed Thoden, Jim Trenchard, and Henry Yablonski.  A special thanks to PGK Tom Russell, who managed the packing while I was home with the flu.


Joe Raimondo, PGK


Columbiettes News


The Columbiettes is the Lady’s auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus, they do a lot of wonderful actives which help out our Council.  If you know someone who is interested in getting involved please contact: Grace Longo on 908-725-1114.


K O C Apparel & Entertainment Books:


Jackets w/ Hoods  Sizes M – XL  $37.00  XXL  $40.00                     Colors:  Navy Blue or Hunter Green

Note:  name embroidered for just $5.00 extra !!!

Polo Shirts         Sizes M–XXL     $20.00

Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Black, Gray or White

White Pocket T-Shirts  Sizes available:  M-XXL

    K of C Emblem on Pocket  $9.00 each

    K of C Emblem on Back   $12.00 each

    K of C Emblem on Pocket & Back  $14. ea.

Embroidered Hats         $15.00

Colors:  Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Black, White

Please contact Eric Derwid at (908) 685-3913 or by email ederwid@earthlink.net with your order.  Proceeds will go to the “Save the Building” fund.


AOH Happenings


Want to know what is going on at the AOH? Now the AOH publishes its Newsletter online at: 





Religious Articles


Do you have any extra religious articles that you do not know what to do with?  Please bring them to the next business meeting. Brother Bob Behling works with having them sent to Missions in Developing Nations.





Eye Glasses/Cell Phones/Printer Toner


Reminder:  Ongoing support is required for the drives to collect  eye glasses for the needy, used cell phones and printer cartridges.   These items can be brought down to the council hall any Thursday night.  Spread the word to friends and relatives to help us in these efforts. 

Officers Role Call 2004/2005


Grand Knight        Henry Yablonski                   908-526-1165

Deputy GK            Ron Newsom                        908-237-9258

Chaplain                 Rev. John Barbella                 908-725-0552

Financial Sec.          Tom Russell                          908-722-8299

Treasurer                Nick Patullo                           908-281-6653

Recorder                 George Cox                            908-431-9362

Chancellor              Carl LaTerra                            908-874-4613

Advocate                Eric Derwid                            908 685-3913

Warden                   Giulio Capra                          908-371-5143

Lecturer                   Charles Hutchings                 908-707-9559

Inside Guard         Jim Farmar                             908-203-3464

Outside Guard      Bill Marzzacco                        908-725-8997

3 Year trustee         Jerry Nugent                          908-526-7504

2 year trustee          Mike Cebo                              908-874-4835

1 Year Trustee        Art Beaver                              908-369-5905


From The Editor


Thank you to our advertisers and all who contributed to the Knight Life with their time and talent in 2004.  I wish you and the entire Somerville Council a wonderful New Year.


Interested in getting the newsletter via Email?  Just email me, include your name and email address (sometimes servers can change id’s).  This helps the council cut down on the ever-rising cost of postage.

George Cox 908-431-9362  gjc3@patmedia.net





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