Grand Knight’s Message


Brother Knights,


As I write my final Knight Life message, it is seems that only yesterday my wife told me to get “more involved” in the Knights.  The very next evening, PGK Mike Power called me to ask if I wanted to be Recorder as an officer with the new Grand Knight Jim Trenchard.  Now, time has gone by so fast with the last 5 years almost history, with only one meeting and thereafter 2 weeks left to the end of my term as Grand Knight.


Every Regular Business Meeting, Officer Meeting, Program and Event have been both exciting and interesting this year for me.   The Council was even fortunate to be graced by the presence of a member of the NJ Legalized Games Of Chance Control Commission at one of our Knight at the Races events.


Yes, I’ll miss all this excitement, but I will enjoy the relief from the pressure of being at every event and venue.  Most of all, I really enjoyed the fraternity of each and every Brother whether they helped in an event or just showed up at the meetings.


At this point, I especially want to thank PGK Jerry Nugent and his wife Eleanor.  Many times, I have called Jerry for some advice.  He always drew from his experience to offer helpful hints.  The other PGKs: Mike Cebo, Art Beaver, Tom Russell, Mike Power and Joe Raimondo were also there for consultation.


To all my elected Brother Officers, Appointed Officers and Committee Chairmen, my sincere thanks for your dedication, support and endurance during many of our meetings that went into the late evening hours.


Special thanks and a big hand of applause to Br. Charles Hutchings, my Lector, for providing after meeting refreshments, and almost always single handedly cleaning up afterwards. Thanks to Brs. Jerry Nugent, Giulio Capra, Jim Farmar, Scott Morrisey and Ken Genco for assisting with refreshments, when Charles could not continue after his eye operation.


Thanks also to Br. Ken Genco, Membership Director, for his annual and innovative effort in the Recruiting Blitzes, open houses, and degree ceremonies. My thanks also go to Ken for chairing the Oldies Dances, where a good time was had by all. 








Special thanks to Br. George Cox for being editor of the Knight Life.


To PGKs Mark Grace and Tom Russell who chaired the Charity Ball last October, and will again this year, on Saturday, October 22. Plan to attend and mark your calendars now.


Thanks to Brs. Charlie and David Knapp and their Super Bowl team, for an always very successful venue.


Thanks to PGK Mike Power for assuming the Chairmanship of the Knight at the Races events.


I am indeed grateful to our Chaplain Fr. John Barbella for his spiritual guidance and support.


Thanks to our District Deputy Tom Mendelson, who made at least one meeting every month, every Council Degree and social functions and for his guidance.


Thanks to our insurance agent, Br. Tony Petto, who is always there for both new and present members, just a phone call away. I know, from experience of his knowledge and dedication to the Council.


Last, but not least, thanks to my wonderful wife Margaret.  She has many virtues, but her patience with me is exceptional and she was tried many times as she listened to my discussions about the Knights.  Her endurance was so strong she never missed asking me what happened each night when I returned from a meeting or event.  She has been my personal assistant offering advice and proofreading.  Without her help, I would not have been able to do what I have done this past year.


Congratulations to GK elect PGK Ron and his slate of new Officers.


It has been an honor and privilege to have served you this past year. May God bless the members of Council 1432, their families and loved ones. And may we all remember in our prayers those in uniform who protect us every day. God bless America – One Nation Under God.

Vivat Jesus,

Grand Knight


Best Of Luck -- Father John’s Message


As many of you have heard, I will assume the pastorate of Most Holy Rosary Church in Hopelawn (Perth Amboy) on July 1st.  I ask for your prayers as I do so.  I also ask you to accept my sincere thanks for allowing me to serve as your chaplain for the past two years.  It was both a pleasure and a privilege.


Most Holy Rosary is an ethnic Italian parish. I recently attended a Fiesta there and was treated to an absolute feast of good Italian food!  The people I met were very welcoming, and made me feel very comfortable.


Nonetheless, it will be hard to say good bye to so many good people in our council and at Saint Bernard's.  I am reminded of a story in the Acts of the Apostles.  It tells of how St. Paul had to leave one place where he had worked so hard to establish and shepherd a parish, to do similar work in another place.  While he was glad to answer God's call to serve in a new place, it was hard for him and the people to say good bye.


Likewise, I am happy to go wherever God - speaking through our bishop - may lead me.  But it is still hard to say good bye.  Indeed, these are the kinds of sacrifices we all must make if we are to answer God's call wholeheartedly.


As I leave, I want to thank the Knights for all the good work I have seen them do in the years I have been stationed here.  I always say that every Catholic man should consider joining the Knights because of the good and holy work they do.  You are all a testimony to this.


May God bless you all.

Fr. John  


Your New Grand Knight Needs Your Help


Well a new Columbian year is upon us and plans are being made to meet objectives and move the Council forward.  As I take the reigns from Henry in the coming weeks, I will be laying out my agenda for the Council.  As was previously stated election night, I will need your help if we are to be successful.  The committees must be filled quickly and those that wish to step forward and help are welcomed to do so.  I would hope those heading a committee or program now will continue to do so.  For those of you that have not had an opportunity to serve on a committee or head a program are encouraged to do so.  Just let me know what you would like to do.  That goes for those of you that have been around for sometime but have not been active. I am really appealing to you to come to the table and help us with your experience.  I do need some special assistance for a Lecture.  This is the person that keeps us fed on meeting nights and more.  Anyone that is interested in filling that spot to contact me right away so we can set up the process.


Another important position which is key to the success of your programs is the Publicity Chairman.  This person would make sure that the good works of the Knights are broadcast in local publications, as well as, the Knightline, Columbian Magazine, and state publications.  I need a person to be there to take down a story, take a few pictures at events and presentations and publicize upcoming events, like Knight at the Races, Charity Ball, Softball games, dinners, etc.....This is especially important for promoting our charity events and getting the word out about what we do for the community, Church, and Schools.  This position is vital for the success of the programs being planned.  Please consider stepping up and fill this position quickly.


Now that George Cox has accepted the role of Treasurer, I will need someone to take over the Newsletter duties.  George has done an outstanding job and will train the person that will take on this important task.


Looking for individuals to do some phone work.  We will set up some call lists. I need men that would be willing to make some calls to remind Knights of events or get help for a project, etc... This is a great opportunity for those who are not able to get out or around as much as they would like and want to contribute to the Council effort. 


I am excited about the officers that will be working with me as well as the various heads of programs.  There will be some changes this year and cooperation is already evident with many of my brothers. Looking forward to working with the Council in planning a picnic in Mid September, fish fry's for lent, some new raffles, a Sunday breakfast or two, etc....More about all of this as we start the new year.


I thank all of you in advance for your support.  My email is or call me at 908-237-9258.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Ron Newsom GK (elect)


Congratulations to Brother Ronald Jones


Brother Ronald Jones graduated from Immaculata High School on June 4. Ron will be attending Immaculata College in Pennsylvania with an expected concentration in Criminal Justice. Good luck in college, Ron, and be sure to visit us during your trips back home!


The Knight at the Races……


May 7th doubled as Kentucky Derby day and our spring edition of the Night at the Races.  Many thanks go out to a great group of Knights, their spouses and friends for their efforts in contributing to an enjoyable event.  Please join me in expressing heartfelt thanks to: Jim Trenchard and Gerry Nee who managed the back room calculating the odds; Scott Ippolito, Larry Dwyer, Tony Petto and John Kennedy who willingly accepted our patron's donations for the KOC causes; Pete Ilotti at the door (always with a smile), Dave Knapp who ran back and forth and kept the video on key; Joe Raimondo for his patience and exuberant quips with the microphone, Eric Derwid behind the bar also willingly accepting our patron's donations; Henry Yablonski for exchanging the cash (2 for 1 no doubt) and for securing licenses and prizes for the event; my lovely spouse JoAnn for her culinary efforts in the kitchen making sure the delectable tube steaks and beans were warm and available; the cleanup team of George (the vacuum man) & Ellen Cox, Ron Newsom and gang, Jim & Marybeth Hannan, Jim Farmer along with family and friends, Giulio & Dottie Capra, Bobbi and Patty DiCarlo, Jimmy Blair, Chris and Gerry Ofsik and Mike and Janet Cebo.  By all accounts, everyone had a good time. Thanks to everyone who helped, invited friends & family or participated in any manner.


PGK – Mike Power


Upcoming Events:

June 16 (Th)      Regular Meeting, 8 pm

                        Election of Columbus Club Officers

June 23 (Th)      Social Night 7pm

June 28 (Tue)     Fourth Degree Meeting, 8pm.

June 29 (Wed)   Second Patriots’ Park work detail

June 30 (Th)      Social Night 7pm

July   7  (Th)      Social Night 7pm

July 14  (Th)      Social Night 7pm

                        Columbus Club Officers Mtg 8pm

July 21  (Th)      Regular Meeting, 8 P.M.

July 27  (Wed)   Third Patriots’ Park work detail.

July 28  (Th)      Social Night 7pm

Aug  4  (Th)      Social Night 7pm

Aug 10  (Wed)   Fourth Patriots’ Park work detail.

Aug 11  (Th)      Social Night 7pm

                        Columbus Club Officers Mtg 8pm

Aug 18  (Th)      Regular Meeting, 8pm

Aug 25  (Th)      Social Night 7pm

Aug 29  (Mon)   Fifth Patriots’ Park work detail


Congratulations to the Slate of Officers for 2005-2006.

The following is the newly elected slate of officers for the coming Columbian year:

Grand Knight                Ron Newsom

Deputy GK                   Ken Genco

Treasurer                       George Cox

Recorder                       Eric Derwid

Chancellor                     Giulio Capra

Advocate                      Jim Farmar

Warden                         Scott Morrisey

Inside Guard                 Bob Behling

Outside Guard              Tom Faenza

3 Year trustee                Henry Yablonski

2 year trustee                 Jerry Nugent

1 Year Trustee               Mike Cebo

1st Ball Park Game Report 4 Games Remain


The first game at the Somerset Patriots was held on Wednesday, June 8. Thanks to Chairman PGK Tom Russell and the following Knights and family members who manned the concessions stand: PGK Art Beaver, Bob Behling, Giulio Capra and wife Dottie, Tim Carley (Martinsville Council 5959), Frank Carpinelli, Tony Fusco, Ron Haikes, Scott Ippolito, Steve McCarthy, Scott Morrisey, DGK Ron Newsom, Bob Skorny and wife Flo, Ed Thoden, PGK Jim Trenchard, Jeffry Wallace, Pete Ward, and GK Henry Yablonski.


Volunteers are still needed for the remaining 4 games.  Contact the Manager or sign up on the Bulletin Board at the Hall:


·         Wednesday, June 29 (with Fireworks) – The Manager is Mark Grace at 908-231-7995.

·         Wednesday July 27 - The Manager is Art Beaver at 908-369-5905

·         Wednesday, August 10   The Manager is Paul Rippas at 908-725-1446

·         Monday, August 3. The Manager is August 3: Henry Yablonski at 908-526-1165


Volunteers need to be at the stadium at 5:00pm on game night.  A few hours of work at Patriot’s Stadium can help earn the council $800+ per night. 

Chairman – Henry Yablonski, GK


Congratulations --Columbiettes Slate of Officers


The Officers for the Columbiettes for the coming  2005-2006.Columbian year were installed by the Grand Knight on June 14.  They are:


President - Jeanne DeFillipo

Vice-President - Vicki Roman

Secretary - Jeanette Ulmer

Financial Secretary - Sally Kennedy

Treasurer - Grace Longo

Sentinel - Josephine Wawrycki

Past-President - Grace Longo

Fr. John Chacko will continue as Chaplain


We wish them good luck and success this year.


Grand Knight Henry Yablonski 



-- Knight Life Boosters --  




If you are interested in becoming a Knight Life Booster please contact Brother George Cox at 908-431-9362



-- Knight Life Boosters --

(908) 873-8886

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(908) 515-2313 Pager


Commercial Lawns




Since 1982                                               92 WELSH LANE






Bell Ave. & Anderson Street, Raritan, NJ

(908) 725-1887


Serving Your Community For Over 55 Years


Anna Louise Bongiovi, Mgr.

P.G.K. Anthony C. Bongiovi, Sr. Owner


























































If you are interested in becoming a Knight Life Booster please contact Brother George Cox at 908-431-9362








June 15, 2005


Dear Friends of the Knights:


The Somerville Knights of Columbus 1432 is once again sponsoring its annual Columbus Day Charity Ball on October 22, 2005 at the Elks Hall in Somerville.


This year, especially with the numerous charitable requests we have received, we would like to make it a banner year for our charity ad journal. To do this, we need to ask our friends to make a special effort to assist us.


We are asking members of our local business community to support us in this endeavor by purchasing an ad in our Charity Ad Journal.  If you desire to purchase an ad, or renew last year’s ad, kindly complete the enclosed contract and return it to me as soon as possible, but no later than September 1, 2005. The ad book, which is distributed at the Charity Ball, will be mailed to you following the dance.


We want our friends to know that ALL proceeds from the dance and journal MUST go directly to charity.  The monies are kept in a separate Council’s Charity Fund account, which supports local charities, i.e., food baskets for the needy, various children’s agencies, medical foundations, service organizations, etc.


One of our most successful projects is the purchase and distribution of food baskets at Christmas. We distribute these baskets, which consist of meals for several days, to needy families in all surrounding communities. This project has been going on for over thirty years. It is a wonderful program that touches people in need - making their holiday season a little brighter.  With your help, we will continue this and other worthwhile endeavors.


If you have any questions, or would like more details concerning this function, please do not hesitate to call me a 908-725-7369 and I will be happy to assist you.




Thank you for your generosity.





Joseph L. Raimondo, PGK, Charity Chairman








NAME     _______________________________________________


ADDRESS   _______________________________________________


PHONE       _______________________________________________

(Please Print)






FULL PAGE (8 ½  x 5 ½) $170.00                 _____


HALF PAGE                    $  95.00                 _____


QUARTER PAGE                      $  75.00                 _____


EIGHT PAGE                            $  50.00                 _____



ATTACH AD COPY         _____ OR REPEAT LAST AD   _____


CHECK ENCLOSED       _____



Ads need to be submitted no later then September 1, 2005




MAIL TO:                                           Mr. Joseph L. Raimondo

                                                          126 Ardmaer Drive

                                                          Bridgewater, NJ  08807


PHONE                                              908-725-7369



















Somerville Knights of Columbus #1432
495 East Main Street
Somerville, New Jersey  08876