Salary Award: You Must Be In It – To Win It  


Reminder: Every business meeting your name along with the names of all council members are placed in “the hat” for a chance at the world renowned Salary Award (you must be present to win).  The Award grows monthly and now stands at $ 180.  Looking forward to seeing you at the next council meeting.   


Council Honors PGK Jerry Nugent


Jerry, Eleanor , daughter-in-law Kim and son Michael. 




On February 19th we honored our Past Grand Knight, Jerry Nugent.  There were approximately 70 of Jerry's fellow Knights and family attending.  Father John opened with Mass at 6:30 and started the inspirational night.  After Mass, everyone bellied up to the bar for drinks and at 7:30 we were treated to a great dinner.  From the comments received, everyone enjoyed the evening. 


Grand Knight, Henry Yablonski, thanked Jerry for a job well done and presented him with a few awards and gifts.  Jerry thanked all in attendance and all his brother Knights for their support


Jim Trenchard presented Eric with an award of appreciation for his many services.  Pat Kelley received an award of appreciation for making sure the trash is out the door and carried away.  Joe Romando received an appreciation award for all the eminence and clean up











around the hall.  These are all thankless jobs, and we appreciate these Knights for stepping up to the tasks.


I would like to thank GK Henry for his help and support for the event.  My wife, Rose, Kate & Bill Choquette, Ellen and George Cox, and Lynne Derwid were extremely helpful for making the night a success.  My thanks to Jim Trenchard for setting up the Altar and handling the readings. If I left anyone out, please know that you are appreciated.  Thanks to everyone for cleaning the hall after the party.


Congratulations Jerry and thanks for all your time and effort.


Ron Newsom, Chairman


Grand Knight’s Message


Brother Knights,


We are now in the Lenten Season.  As Lent continues, we should all be thinking about getting to Confession before Easter.  Let us all keep praying for each other during this season.


In our Council, two of our Brothers are still recovering from sickness: Brs. Greg Matejek and Gene Quintieri.  Br. Greg is now at home, but is still experiencing difficulty in walking.  Br. Gene is making a good recovery.  Keep them in our prayers.


Since the last Knight Life, several events were held:

-  The Annual Hoop Shoot was held on  January 16.  24 boys and 9 girls, ages 10-14 participated.  Our Council had five winners that went on to win at the District Playoffs: James Ziemba, Mary Kelly, Alex Pavlovich, Kristen Power and Jonathan Roche.  Thanks to PGK Jim Hannan for chairing this event.

-  The Super Bowl Sunday Party was held on Feb.6.  Over 100 people attended.  Thanks to Br. Dave Knapp for serving a delicious buffet and Br. Charlie Knapp for chairing this event.  Thanks to Brs. Jim Blair, Tom Russell, Mike Cebo, Bill Choquette and everyone else who helped.

-  Vets to Mass was held on Sunday, February 13.  Thanks to PGK Mike Cebo for chairing this event.

-  Knight Appreciation Night to honor PGK Jerry Nugent was held February 19. Thanks to Chaplain Fr.  John Barbella for celebrating Mass and DGK Ron Newsom for coordinating an excellent event & buffet.

-  On Sunday, Feb 20, the Knights of Columbus served coffee and donuts after the 7:30, 9:00 & 10:30 AM Masses at Immaculate Conception Church.  Thanks to PGK Art Beaver for chairing this event.


Upcoming events for the next month:

-  The Spring Membership Blitz will be held on Sat, March 5 and Sun, March 6.  Br. Ken Genco is looking for volunteers to recruit potential candidates.  Open House will follow on Wed, March 16 with the 1st Degree Exemplification on Wed, March 23.

-  The KofC and the 4th Degree Color Guard will march in 10th Annual Somerville Saint Patrick’s Day Parade on Sun, March 13.  Starting 1pm at the Somerset Hotel (Main and Grove St). All Knights, family & friends are welcome to march.  Join the AOH and KofC at the Hall for Open House immediately after the parade.

-  The Passion of Christ movie will be shown on Fri, March 18 at the Council Hall starting at 7:30 PM.  

-  The Easter Egg Hunt will be held on Sat, March 19, starting at 9:00 AM.  PGK Art Beaver is the chairman.


Have a Happy and Blessed Easter.  Vivat Jesus,

Grand Knight


Chaplain’s Message


When I was a child, Christmas was my favorite day of the year.  But as I’ve grown older, Easter has taken its place.  I still love Christmas and its joyful season.  But there is something very special to me about Easter.


Perhaps its because Easter celebrates those events that stand at the very heart of our Catholic Faith.  At Easter we remember that Jesus Christ died and rose from the dead, so that we could one day pass through death and rise to New Life with Him.


Some people say:  “Christmas is for children.”  That may be so, but Easter is definitely for adults!  The events of the first Easter deal with some very grown up things.  Things like the betrayal of a good man by one of His closest friends.  Things like an innocent man dying painfully as His good mother watches helplessly in sorrow.  Indeed, Easter reminds us that Jesus loves each of us so much that He willingly suffered the very worst to save us from sin and give us Eternal Life!


With all this in mind, I would ask each and every one of you to do two things this Easter.  First, make every

effort to join your parish celebrations on Holy Thursday and Good Friday – as well as on Easter Sunday.  The ceremonies in church on those days help us to remember all that Jesus did to save us.  Joining in those Liturgies is a wonderful way to show that we truly appreciate what He did.


Second, please spend some quiet time just thinking about the events of Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  Think of how our Good Lord died for us on the Cross, and how He rose from the dead in glory.  Think of how He did all this so that you and I can one day rise with Him to Eternal Life in Heaven – and say a few quiet words of thanks.


Easter is the most glorious day of the year, because it celebrates the greatest event in human history – the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!  Be sure to celebrate Easter in a fitting way, by attending the various Masses of Holy Week and taking time to think prayerfully about all that Jesus did for us on those days.  Doing so will open you to all the graces that our Good Lord wishes to give you this Easter.


May the Risen Jesus fill you with joy at Easter and always!

Fr. John


Charity Ball Donation to New Moms / New Expectations


A donation from the Charity Ball was made to the New Moms/New Expectations on Sunday, February 27. 

Pictured: Anne Helmstettar, Chairman of New Moms/New Expectations, accepting the donation check from GK Henry Yablonski.  Also in the picture starting from the left are: PGK Jim Trenchard; Reverend Joseph Celano, Pastor; Reverend John Barbella, Associate Pastor and Chaplain for our Council; and PGK Jerry Nugent.


The New Moms/New Expectations Day Care Center is located on St. Bernard of Clairvaux church grounds.

Easter Egg Hunt & Pancake Breakfast


A Somerville Council tradition continues with an Easter Egg Hunt for the children and a pancake breakfast for all! It takes place Saturday, March 19th with breakfast served from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. and the Easter egg hunt at 10:00 a.m.


Adults $4.00, children free. Don't be left out -- Call Art Beaver at 908-369-5905 with the number of adults and children attending or use the sign-up sheet at the hall.


In addition, council members are needed to help in the kitchen and in mopping up the broken egg shells. Give Brother Art a call if you can assist.


 A Knight at the Movies -- Special Notice

Now Playing:  The PASSION of the CHRIST


There will be a special showing of Mel Gibson's movie, "The Passion of the Christ" at the council hall on Friday evening March 18th beginning at 7:30pm. This is the Friday before Holy Week and the movie will help with your meditations on the Passion that week. Bring your friends, relatives, and neighbors. (Be aware this movie is not recommended for young children.) There is no charge, but donations will be accepted to help fund the Pro-life Memorial Statue project.  

2005 ARC Drive

Dear Brother Knights,

Once again, the Somerville K of C will conduct its annual drive (this is our 30th year) to aid the citizens of Somerset County with physical and learning disabilities, better known as the ARC drive, to be held on the weekend of April 22-24, 2005.

To be successful, I need your help. Please volunteer to take a tour. Ask family members to help. This is a great way to get involved and to aid a worthy cause.

If you are wondering how the funds are distributed I can tell you that 90% of all money collected stays in Somerset County, with 10% going to the State K of C. 

Path Mark: We will be canvassing in front of Path Mark in Somerville on Fri. April 22, Sat. April 23 and Sun. April 24 from 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM. 

Stop & Shop: We have booked Fri. April 22, Sat. April 23 and Sun. April 24 at Stop & Shop in the Raritan Mall from 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM. 

Bagel Garden: We also have permission to “Shake a Can” at the Bagel Garden located on Rt. 202 in Branchburg for Fri. April 22, Sat. April 23 and Sun. April 24 from 8:00 AM until 12:00 Noon.

Sign-up sheets are on the board at the council hall. Call me at home at 908-722-8299 if you can’t get to the hall to sign-up.  Please help.    


Thomas J. Russell    Chairman for 2005 ARC Drive


Knight @ the Derby aka The Spring Trot


The next Knight at the Races will be held on Kentucky Derby Day May 7 in the Council Hall.  Tickets are $7 per person ($60 to reserve a table of 10) and are available at the door or in advance from PGK Mike Power. Contact your friends, family, neighbors and anyone else interested in having a very enjoyable evening; plan ahead and reserve a table.  Ticket price includes admission, free draft beer, wine and soda and a delectable assortment of tube steaks and KofC chili (Mint Juleps and mixed drinks at normal club prices).   


Michael J. Power – PGK   (908-303-9382)


Retention Committee


Brothers, this is a report by the Retention Committee and was presented at the last Council Meeting.  I want to share the information with you and encourage all of you to take a look at the new Mentor Program.  This program is designed to help reduce the number of members in arrears and increase the number of active members working the many activities.  I ask all of you, particularly those that have been around for awhile but not active, to give strong consideration to this program.  This may be an important avenue to becoming active and supporting the council membership program.  I thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Mentor Program

Purpose: To provide a candidate with a member that will guide him through the first degree and beyond if a sponsor does not step forward to usher him through.


It is not intended to replace a member that wants to be a sponsor for a candidate that they bring into the process.  Mentor and Sponsor responsibilities will be the same:

·   Attend the open house scheduled for 3/16.

·   Greet the candidates and their families.

·   When the candidate fills out the form 100, either                 a sponsor will be identified or a mentor will be assigned to support the candidate.  This will be handled by our Membership Director.

Specific responsibilities: (Mirrors the Shining Armor Award)

·   Ensure the candidate makes it to the 1st degree

·   Make sure the candidate attends the first business meeting after the degree and two more after that for a minimum of 3 meetings attended.

·   Encourage participation in 3 Council Activities.

·   Have the new member meet with the Insurance Rep.

·   Encourage the new member to make their 2nd and 3rd degree as soon as possible.  Endeavor to attend those degrees with him as support.

·   Encourage the new member to recruit a new member if possible.


This process will give the new member a feeling of belonging, advance to the next degrees, become active and take advantage of the insurance program.  It would also put them in line for the Shining Armor Award.

Council Activities

A package is being developed for presentation to the new member the night he makes his first degree.  It will contain information about the Knights and more specifics about the Council.  A key part of the program is the list of upcoming activities that will be included.  This would be the ARC, Patriot games, etc…. through June.  The new member will be encouraged to select one or more of these activities to get involved and enjoy the fraternity with his brother Knights.  The mentor/sponsor will be instrumental in explaining the programs & encouraging new member participation.


The program has been developed by the Retention Committee to ensure that our members are active and in good standing from the start of Knighthood. 


I want to thank the committee for an excellent job in working together to make this happen. The Retention Committee Members are Ken Genco, Henry Yablonski, Mike Cebo, Art Beaver, Jerry Nugent, and Tom Russell.  Special thanks to Tom Russell for his diligence in reducing the number of suspensions.  Without his follow up and planning, our suspension rate would be much greater.


Respectfully Submitted,

Ron Newsom (PGK, DGK, Retention Chairman)



Vets to Mass:


On Sunday, Feb. 13 our Council helped in taking "Vets to Mass" at Lyons Veterans Hospital.   Knights and their ladies included:  Cathy McCarthy, Br. Steve McCarthy, Br. Lou Masi, Br. John Smith and yours truly.  Many thanks to Cathy McCarthy for helping out as it is not often a Br. Knight and Wife team participates.  Hats off to Br. Lou Masi who volunteers his time every Sunday at Lyons.


The next "Vets to Mass" Sunday is May 8, 2005.  See you then.   Again, thanks to those who participated.


Mike Cebo, PGK


Key Activities At A Glance::


Mar 3   (Th)   Regular Business Meeting, 8pm

Mar 5  (Sa)    Membership Blitz

Mar 6  (Su)    Membership Blitz

Mar 10 (Th)   Social Night, 7pm  and Columbus Club

                      Officers Meeting, 8pm

Mar 13 (Su)    St. Patrick’s Day Parade, 1pm

Mar 16 (Wd)  New Membership Open House, 8pm

Mar 17 (Th)   Regular Business Meeting, 8pm

Mar 18 (Fr)    The Passion of Christ Movie 7:30pm

Mar 19 (Sa)    Easter Egg Hunt 9:00am

Mar 21 (Mn)  Open House 4th Degree, 8pm

Mar 23 (Wd)  1st Degree Exemplification, 8 pm

Mar 27  (Su)    Easter

Mar 31  (Th)   Social Night, 7pm

Apr 4    (Mn)  NCAA Playoff

Apr 6    (Wd)  2nd Degree Exemplification, 8 pm

Apr 7    (Th)   Regular Business Meeting, 8pm

Apr 8    (Fr)    3nd Degree Exemplification, 8pm

Apr 12 (Tu)   Pride in Priests Dinner, 6pm

Apr 14  (Th)   Social Night, 7pm Columbus Club

                      Officers Meeting, 8pm

Apr 16  (Sa)    Spring Fling Dance MMOG 7:30pm

Apr 21  (Th)   Regular Business Meeting, 8pm

Apr 22  (Fr)    ARC Drive

Apr 23  (Sa)    ARC Drive

Apr 24  (Su)    ARC Drive

Apr 28 (Th)   Social Night, 7pm


Spring Training


Now that the Super Bowl is over (and I’m not sure if YOUR team won) it’s time to get off that couch and start planning for SPRING TRAINING so you are in shape for work at the Patriots Ball Park.  Step One:   A signup sheet has already been posted on the Bulletin Board at the Council Hall.  Once you have signed up for the Ball Park work, you can then make your vacation plans.


This is the 6th year for the Knights to work the 3rd base refreshment stand.  The season starts on Wed, June 8 followed by: Wed, June 29 (Fireworks), Wed, July 27, Wed, August 10 and Monday, August 29.


Twenty (20) volunteers need to be at the stadium by 5:00pm and usually get out around 11:00pm.  A few hours of work at Patriot’s Stadium can help earn the council $800+ per night.  It is a very comfortable and easy work environment.


Remember, if you can spell Baseball and wear a cap, you are QUALIFIED to work at the KofC outing at the Ball Park.


Henry Yablonski GK

Insurance Corner - Tax-Deferred Annuities


Are you expecting a tax refund? Even if you’re not, you certainly don’t want to pay more in taxes than you have to. Yet, that’s exactly what you can expect if you have savings that aren’t in a tax-deferred account. Examples include bank savings accounts and certificates of deposit.


I can help you to find a good place to put that tax refund you might be expecting. The Knights of Columbus offers a highly competitive tax-deferred annuity. You don’t pay income tax on the earnings until you withdraw them – which most likely will occur after you retire. And these tax-deferred earnings compound at a faster rate than money saved in a taxable account.


You can make one payment and select the age at which you begin receiving benefits. Or, make periodic payments of as much as you want for as long as you want. Either way, an annuity with the Knights of Columbus can provide you with a retirement income you can’t outlive.


In a financial world characterized by uncertainty, a Knights of Columbus tax-deferred annuity gives you peace of mind. Your principal is guaranteed, and so is a minimum rate of return. What other kinds of investment vehicles give you those guarantees?


I can provide you with a customized illustration of how an annuity would work for you. Just give me a call.


Anthony Petto, PGK, LUTCF

Field Agent    908-253-8633


Columbus Club Corner


Remember the council hall is open every Thursday  beginning at 7pm for socializing; so come on down.

Hall Rentals:  One of your benefits of membership in our council is the ability to rent the council hall. Rental rates are reasonable and the decorated hall makes an excellent venue for many celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, showers, sacraments, etc. Contact me to reserve your date.


Jim Trenchard, PGK  (908) 231-0827

President and Hall Rental Chairman


Columbiettes News


The Columbiettes is the Lady’s auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus, they do a lot of wonderful actives which help out our Council.  If you know someone who is interested in getting involved please contact: Grace Longo on 908-725-1114.

Religious Articles


Do you have any extra religious articles that you do not know what to do with?  Please bring them to the next business meeting. Brother Bob Behling will ensure that they are sent to Missions in Developing Nations.


Eye Glasses/Cell Phones/Printer Toner


Reminder:  Ongoing support is required for the drives to collect eye glasses for the needy, used cell phones and printer cartridges.   These items can be brought down to the council hall any Thursday night.  Spread the word to friends and relatives to help us in these efforts. 



K O C Apparel & Entertainment Books:


Jackets w/ Hoods  Sizes M – XL  $37.00  XXL  $40.00                     Colors:  Navy Blue or Hunter Green

Note:  name embroidered for just $5.00 extra !!!

Polo Shirts         Sizes M–XXL     $20.00

Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Black, Gray or White

White Pocket T-Shirts  Sizes available:  M-XXL

    K of C Emblem on Pocket  $9.00 each

    K of C Emblem on Back   $12.00 each

    K of C Emblem on Pocket & Back  $14. ea.

Embroidered Hats         $15.00

Colors:  Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Black, White

Please contact Eric Derwid at (908) 685-3913 or by email with your order.  Proceeds will go to the “Save the Building” fund.

AOH Happenings


Want to know what is going on at the AOH? Now the AOH publishes its Newsletter online:  Click on WEB Updates at the bottom of the AOH home page:



Officers Role Call 2004/2005


Grand Knight        Henry Yablonski                   908-526-1165

Deputy GK            Ron Newsom                        908-237-9258

Chaplain                 Rev. John Barbella                 908-725-0552

Financial Sec.          Tom Russell                          908-722-8299

Treasurer                Nick Patullo                           908-281-6653

Recorder                 George Cox                            908-431-9362

Chancellor              Carl LaTerra                            908-874-4613

Advocate                Eric Derwid                            908 685-3913

Warden                   Giulio Capra                          908-371-5143

Lecturer                   Charles Hutchings                 908-707-9559

Inside Guard         Jim Farmar                             908-203-3464

Outside Guard      Bill Marzzacco                        908-725-8997

3 Year trustee         Jerry Nugent                          908-526-7504

2 year trustee          Mike Cebo                              908-874-4835

1 Year Trustee        Art Beaver                              908-369-5905




-- Knight Life Boosters --  




If you are interested in becoming a Knight Life Booster please contact Brother George Cox at 908-431-9362



-- Knight Life Boosters --  



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