Grand Knight’s Message


Brother Knights,


I visited Br. Greg Matejek at home.  He still has had very little improvement in walking and is still sleeping on a bed in the dining room on the first floor of his condo.  He has an appointment to go to John Hopkins Hospital in Maryland on May 11 for an examination in the hope of finding a different treatment that will help him recover the use of his legs.  I also brought him a laptop computer and he is now connected to read his e-mail again.  Take some time to write a short message to him at GregnRene@msn.com.   Continue to pray for Greg and all our other Brothers who are still sick.


Events held since the April Knight Life:


- A 2nd Degree Exemplification was held on April 6 there are now 8 new 2nd Degree Brothers: Tom Amato, Ryan Diparisi, Mike Izzo, Ronald Jones, Patrick Lerch, Bob McCann, Kevin McNamara, and Dave Waters.


There was also a 3rd Degree on April 8 inducting 8 new 3rd Degree Brothers: Al Alvaro, Thomas Amato, Ryan Diparisi, Mike Izzo, Patrick Lerch, Jim McFarland, Peter Pescatore and Dave Waters. The Degree was in Honor of Brother Eric Derwid and his wife Lynne for the Good Samaritan effort they did for Br. Bill Marzzacco at the Officers’ Installation Dinner when he collapsed.


Congratulations to all new 2nd and 3rd Degree Brothers.  Thanks to Brother Ken Genco, our Membership Director and his team for running these events.


- The Spring Fling Dance was held on April 16.   Thanks to Chairman Brother Ken Genco and his team for running this event.


- On April 17, Brothers: Eric Derwid, Miguel Medida and Bruce VanArsdale took their 4th Degree.  Congratulations to these new Sir Knights.


- The Annual ARC Drive was held April 22, April 23 and April 24.  The amount of money collected was over $1000 more than last year.  Thanks to PGK Tom Russell and his team for running this Drive.












- The Annual Spring Trot (Night at the Races) was held on May 7 to coincide with the Running of the Kentucky Derby.  About 45 people attended.  Thanks to Chairman PGK Mike Powers and his team for running this event.


- May 8 was Vets to Mass Sunday.  Thanks to Chairman PGK Mike Cebo for running this event.


Upcoming events for the remainder of the 2004-2005 Columbian Year:


- Election of new officers for the 2005-2006 Columbian Year on Thursday, June 2nd.  The Nominees for the new Officers are listed on page two. 


- Working at the Concessions Stands within the Somerset Patriot’s Ballpark on Wed., June 8 and Wed., June 29.   Details appears further in this Knight Life.


Vivat Jesus,

Grand Knight


At A Glance:

May 12 (Th)      Social Night, 7pm - Columbus Club

                        Officers Meeting, 8pm

May 13 (Fr)       State Convention – Wildwood

May 14             (Sa)       State Convention – Wildwood

May 19 (Th)      Regular Business Meeting, 8pm

May 20             (Fr)       Chapter 4 Meeting, 8pm Old Bridge

May 21    (Sa)    Mass at 6 PM at Hall for all deceased

                            Brothers.  All are welcome

May 26 (Th)      Social Night, 7pm

Jun 2     (Th)      Regular Business Meeting, 8pm

                                     Election of New Officers

Jun 8     (We)     1st Working Session at Somerset

                            Patriots Ballpark, 4 pm

Jun 9     (Th)      Social Night, 7pm - Columbus Club

                                     Officers Meeting, 8pm

Jun 14   (Tu)      Columbiettes Meeting, 8pm

                        Officer Installation

Jun 16    (Th)      Regular Business Meeting, 8pm


Retention Progress


The Retention team has been busy with following up with brothers in arrears.  Our final list of 31 members in arrears one year or more has been reduced to 10-12.  The suspension process has been initiated for these brothers.  Please know that all of us have continually called to resolve any issues before this process was put in place.  This brings our total suspensions to approximately 46 for the year. This includes those in arrears for 5 years or less.  Some of the suspensions in process now may fall into the next Columbian year.


With that said, we do have a process in place to address those who fall behind and can now say we are starting out with no brothers in arrears.  Brother Tom Russell as well as the Retention Team are owed a well deserved thank you for their efforts or the number of suspensions would be much higher.


As we go into the new Columbian year please remember to get your dues in on time.  In light of our financial situation, notices have already been sent out.  Please respond promptly.  If you have an issue or need assistance please contact Tom and we will do all we can to resolve any concerns. Our goal is to have no one in arrears and have everyone active in at least one of our programs or events during the year.  The retention committee urges all of you to be active in the Council.  The guys that have been around for some time, but not active, are essential to the success of the council.  We need your support.  Please consider a meeting or two, man the Patriot Ball Park program for at least one game, come to a "Knight at the Races".  If everyone does something, then all will get done with very little effort.  We encourage our new brother Knights to get involved, make some meetings, attend some events and support your council.  You are our life line to success.  We need your ideas.  Express your thoughts and needs.  Please do not let your life with the Knights end at your degree night.  We know you are busy and we do not want a lot of your time.  Just a few precious moments.


Sponsors and Mentors have a major responsibility.  You need to see that the brother knight in your charge comes to the meetings and gets involved.  We have a program in place that will match a candidate with a brother knight so that his membership in the Somerville Council is enhanced and is of quality. Please do not let your relationship end at the degree.  Help us to keep our members in arrears down and our active members up.  You can make the difference.


All of us have a duty and responsibility to support our council.  This includes our softball team and your brothers.  We need to attend the meetings, activities, fund raising events as well as the social events.  If we are headed down the wrong path, then tell us how to change it.  We need your thoughts and input to grow the council spiritually, financially, and fraternally.  We are all important in our own way.


Why all this?  Well, if we accept our responsibilities, take some time and attend a meeting now and then, bring an inactive brother to an event, understand the importance as an individual whose participation supports the life of the organization (Our Council), and wants to follow the example of our Founder, we will not have a problem with brothers in arrears.  All of you are important and we will not succeed without you.


My thanks to GK Henry Yablonski and fellow officers, for their consideration and extreme cooperation with the Retention Committee.  Without this support, we would not have had the success of initiating these programs.


May the Spirit of the Lord be present in all of you and move you to actively support the programs and efforts of your Council & the Council officers. Thanks for listening,


Ron Newsom, DGK


2005-2006 Officer Nominations


Elections for Council Officers for the next Columbian Year will take place on June 2 as part of the regular Council business meeting. The Nominating Committee announced its list of candidates on May 5. As is customary, there will be an opportunity on June 2 for additional nominations to come from the floor.


The Nominees:

Grand Knight:               Ron Newsom PGK

Deputy Grand Knight:               Ken Genco

Chancellor:                    Giulio Capra

Treasurer:                      George Cox

Recorder:                      Eric Derwid

Advocate:                      Jim Farmar

Warden:                        Scott Morrisey

Outside Guard:              Tom Faenza

Inside Guard:                            Bob Behling

3-Year Trustee:              Henry Yablonski PGK


Five additional Council officers are not elected: Chaplain and Lecturer are appointed by the next Grand Knight.  Financial Secretary is appointed by Supreme Council.  Two trustees have time remaining on original 3-yr terms


The Nominating Committee was comprised of five Past Grand Knights: Art Beaver, Mike Cebo, Mark Grace, Mike Power and Tom Russell.


Art Beaver PGK 

Columbus Club Corner


Columbus Club Annual Meeting and Election Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of the Columbus Club of Somerville will be held 495 E. Main Street, Somerville on June 16th immediately following the regularly scheduled council meeting for the purpose of election of officers and trustees for the 2005-2006 Columbian year. The Nominating Committee chaired by Brother Joe Raimondo proposes the following slate:

President - Jim Trenchard

Vice-president - Mke Cebo

Secretary - Tom Russell

Treasurer -  Charlie Knapp

Trustees for 3 year term - Eric Derwid, Jim Farmar & Mark Grace

Trustee (unexpired 2 year term) - Pat Kelly

Trustee (unexpired 1 year term) - George Cox


Trustees continuing for 2 more years Peter Ilotti and Joe Raimondo; for 1 more year Art Beaver and Mike Reno. 


Hall Rentals:  One of your benefits of membership in our council is the ability to rent the council hall. Rental rates are reasonable and the decorated hall makes an excellent venue for many celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, showers, sacraments, etc. Contact me to reserve your date.


Remember the council hall is open every Thursday  beginning at 7pm for socializing; so come on down.


Jim Trenchard PGK, President and Hall Rental Chairman


Patriots Ball Park –Volunteers Needed


Games start Wed., June 8.  There has been a good response of Brothers signing up on the Hall Bulletin Board for the work sessions at the Patriots Ball Park for this season.  However, at least another 12 volunteers (we need to have at least 20) are still required for each game. 


SIGNUP now and avoid the last minute RUSH by contacting the appropriate manager below.:

Wed. June 8 - Tom Russell 722-8299, retired296@aol.com

Wed. June 29 (fireworks) - Mark Grace 231-7995, mrgrace@optonline.net

Wed. July 27 - Art Beaver 369-5905, abeaver@chubb.com

Wed. August 3 - Paul Rippas 725-1446, pjrippas@patmedia.net

Mon. August 29 - Henry Yablonski 526-1165, henryy@optonline.net


Volunteers need to be at the stadium at 5:00pm  and usually get out around 11:00pm.  A few hours of work at Patriot’s Stadium can help earn the council around $800.  It is a very comfortable and easy work environment

You are not restricted to working only one game.


Henry Yablonski - GK

2005 ARC Drive

Brother Knights

This years drive was  far more than I expected.  We collected over $2700.00; that is $1000.00 more than last year’s drive.  Thanks to all who helped raise the money for this worthy cause. I personally want to thank the following brothers:

Henry Yablonski            Hank Wernoch 

Mark & Scott (2)                        Eric Derwid

Ann Mollo                    Pete Ilotti (3)

Tom Faenza                  Joe Raimondo  

Pete Ward                     Stan Horoszewski  (2)

Hank Wernoch (2)          Ed Thoden      

Jim Farmar                    Bob Behling     

Jim Blair                                    Charlie Knapp  

Carl Laterra                   Art Beaver & Nephew

Ron Jones                     Ron &  Rose Newsom (4)

Tom Russell (2)              George Cox

Chris Ofsik (2)               Bob Skorny

Items in (  ) indicates the number of shifts worked


Thomas J. Russell    Chairman for 2005 ARC Drive


Insurance Corner


Serving Our Families: Father McGivney had a pastor’s heart and a penchant for practical action. Under his direction, the Knights of Columbus replaced the practice of passing the hat with a new structure that offered life insurance. Since that time our insurance in force has grown continuously, and in recent years, our growth has been extraordinary. 

On March 24 we reached another milestone: we surpassed the $50 billion mark of insurance in force, and we will pass $53 billion by year end.  Our insurance in force has doubled in a single decade!  Our number of life certificates in force has gone up every year since 1970.  The Order ranks first among all fraternal societies in the number of life certificates sold. Sales of our long-term care products remained steady.  We issued a record 4,090 new contracts.

Total premium income amounted to $780M. This is $49M  or nearly 7 percent more than in last year. Annuity premiums and deposits collected were $328M.  Life dividends to living members allocated for 2004 amounted to $329 million, for an overall increase of 9 percent. In addition, $13 million of dividends were allocated to holders of certain annuities. The Order continues to use an interest rate factor in its life dividend formula that is among the highest in the industry.

This year we paid $145M in death benefits.  Since our founding, the Order has paid out more than $1.7B in death benefits. To our living members and families, the Order has paid $6.2 billion in maturities, dividends, interest, annuity proceeds and disability waivers. 

Once again we have received the highest possible ratings from both the A.M. Best Co. and Standard & Poor’s.  We also retained certification for ethical sales practices from the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association. We are among only 4 insurers to have achieved all 3 and the only fraternal benefit society to do so.

The key to our success is our focus on families — providing high-quality, low-cost protection.  Knights of Columbus Insurance has earned its status as the Order’s greatest fraternal benefit.


Tony Petto, PGK, LUTCF   908-253-8633




Right to Life Memorial Raffle


And The Winner Is …. Congratulations to Brother Art Sanford who won the original signed bronze statue by Maslyn Studios. The statue was raffled May 7th to raise funds for the Council's Right-to-Life Memorial Fund. The winning ticket was pulled (eyes closed) by Deacon Arnie DeMarco. Arrangements are being made for G K Henry Yablonski to present the statue to Brother Art. Thanks to all who purchased and sold tickets. Because of your efforts, $4405 was raised through ticket sales, memorials and contributions during this raffle period.


Jim Trenchard PGK 



Vets to Mass:


A "Vets to Mass" Sunday was held on May 8th, Mother’s Day, at Lyons Veterans Hospital in Lyons, NJ.  Many thanks to those who participated to make this a special event for the veterans. 


Mike Cebo  PGK



Religious Articles

Do you have any extra religious articles that you do not know what to do with?  Please bring them to the next business meeting. Brother Bob Behling will ensure that they are sent to Missions in Developing Nations.


Eye Glasses/Cell Phones/Printer Toner


Reminder:  Ongoing support is required for the drives to collect eye glasses for the needy, used cell phones and printer cartridges.   These items can be brought down to the council hall any Thursday night.  Spread the word to friends and relatives to help us in these efforts. 


K O C Apparel & Entertainment Books:


Jackets w/ Hoods  Sizes M – XL  $37.00  XXL  $40.00                     Colors:  Navy Blue or Hunter Green

Note:  name embroidered for just $5.00 extra !!!

Polo Shirts         Sizes M–XXL     $20.00

Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Black, Gray or White

White Pocket T-Shirts  Sizes available:  M-XXL

    K of C Emblem on Pocket  $9.00 each

    K of C Emblem on Back   $12.00 each

    K of C Emblem on Pocket & Back  $14. ea.

Embroidered Hats         $15.00

Colors:  Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Black, White

Please contact Eric Derwid at (908) 685-3913 with your order.  Proceeds will go to the “Save the Building” fund.


Salary Award  


The world renowned Salary Award is now $ 230+  (you must be present to win).  Looking forward to seeing you at the next council meeting.  


Officers Role Call 2004/2005


Grand Knight    Henry Yablonski            908-526-1165

Deputy GK       Ron Newsom                908-237-9258

Chaplain                        Rev. John Barbella          908-725-0552

Financial Sec.     Tom Russell                  908-722-8299

Treasurer           Nick Patullo                  908-281-6653

Recorder                       George Cox                  908-431-9362

Chancellor         Carl LaTerra                  908-874-4613

Advocate          Eric Derwid                  908 685-3913

Warden             Giulio Capra                 908-371-5143

Lecturer                        Charles Hutchings          908-707-9559

Inside Guard     Jim Farmar                    908-203-3464

Outside Guard  Bill Marzzacco               908-725-8997

3 Year trustee    Jerry Nugent                  908-526-7504

2 year trustee     Mike Cebo                    908-874-4835

1 Year Trustee   Art Beaver                     908-369-5905


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