God Bless America

Angel with Fireman

Angel of God, my guardian dear,
To whom God's love commits me here.
Ever this day be at my side,
To light and guard, to rule and guide.


Dear Jesus,

So much has happened this past week. It makes you think about how suddenly we can meet death. It also makes a person decide his or her fate, whose side they're on when Judgment comes. So I want to pray that the world can side with Jesus. And I want to pray that the people who lost their lives in these past couple of weeks and the families who've lost someone have already chosen their side. Amen. 

I would like to pray for all the people that have died and their families. Also that they catch whomever did this crime. Our lives will never be the same ever again because of this terrible act. 

I pray that all the people that perished have been forgiven of their sin. I believe that it is not fair because they didn't get a chance to ask for forgiveness. Amen. 

Dear Lord,

The only thing I want to pray for is forgiveness because with forgiveness comes everything else people need in this time of tragedy. I pray for you to give us the courage to forgive, because if you can forgive, you can ease the pain of losing someone you love. I want to pray that the government does the right thing in this time of mourning and that the media gives the right story to the American public instead of manipulating the truth and causing the Americans to seek revenge. Please pray for the souls of those who were lost. Amen

Lord hear our prayer

For all those who were affected by the tragedy on Tuesday, that they may be healed...

For the rescue workers who risked their lives to save the lives of others...

For all the volunteers who took time out of their lives to help...

For all people giving donations, that they may receive blessings from God...

For all those who have died as a result of this tragedy, that the Lord will welcome them with open arms...

...We pray to the Lord 

O Lord,

We need your protection from our enemies. Help our country realize that through this tragedy we need to draw closer to you each and every day. May we repent from our many sins and reform our nation to be strong people of Christ. Lord God, by your mighty hand, deliver us from our foes. 

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, our Father and Protector, the Giver of Life,

Please bless those who were victims and those who know someone that was a victim. Protect and keep everyone close to your heart. May you guide us in the right direction, as we mourn for what has happened in our country. Be a great big star such as the sun, on which we see everyday, that can give us hope and happiness when we need it most - shining above us - knowing that you are here. Lord hear our prayer.

I would like to pray for the people whose loved ones died that they can move on with their lives and get over what happened. I would like to pray for those who were injured but did not die - because now they have to live with the memory of what happened. Also I'd like to pray for those who did die - that they are with God. Also I'd like to pray for the people who did this to us - that they can get help and find God in their life and become better people. I'd like to pray for the president - that he makes a good decision of what to do about this and I'd like to pray for all of us just because we have to deal with this. Last, I'd like to pray for our allies, that they truly are our friends and will stick by us in tough times like this and for the ones we thought were our fiends and turned against us, to see they did wrong and change their ways and be friends again.

Dear God,

Watch over our world tonight, because what happened on Tuesday not only affects our country, but everyone everywhere. Help us not to seek revenge, but justice. War is not the answer to this tragedy. Look over the children and help them to understand what happened. They are victims of this violence because of their innocence. Help them to sleep at night in peace, instead of fear. May the terrorists find proper judgment by you Lord God, and for the innocent not to be wrongly judged by us. God bless America, the land of the free and the brave.


Prayers composed by members of the

St. Andrew / St. Philip Neri Youth Group

on September 16, 2001




Created and Maintained by Emily Hoyt

Last Update: 3/9/02