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Students of compulsory school age are required to be present for daily class unless legitimately excused.  A student has the responsibility to make all necessary arrangements for making up work when absent from school.


Please notify the school by 9am each day the student is absent at 412-661-9425 and make arrangements for homework pick up.

A written note signed by the parent or guardian stating the reason for absence and date(s) is to be given to the homeroom teacher upon the student’s return to school. Students who are absent for more than 30 days during the academic year may be denied promotion.


The school day begins at 8:10am and ends at 2:55pm.  The children are to arrive by 8:00am.  Any child arriving after 8:10am is considered tardy and must report to the office for a late slip before being admitted to classes.  Class work missed because of tardiness must be made up.

Early Dismissal 

A written request from the parent or guardian stating the reason and time of early dismissal is to be presented to the homeroom teacher.  The teacher will send it to the office for the principal’s permission.

When the time of early dismissal arrives, the student is to report to the office and must be met there by the parent or guardian who must sign for the child’s release from school.  If the child returns to school to complete the day, he/she must report to the office sign back in before returning to the classroom.

No child will be released from school unless the person picking up the child is an authorized person.

Leaving School

No child is permitted to leave the school at any time (including lunch hours) without the written permission of the parent or guardian.

Emergency Closings and Delays

Severe weather or some other emergency may necessitate the closing of school, the delay of classes, or an early dismissal.  Announcements concerning changes in the school day will be made on the following radio stations:  KDKA (1020 AM), WTAE (1250 AM), WVTY (96 FM).  Local television stations and their websites also provide this information.  Please consult one of these resources while your child is preparing for school.  Please do not call the school, the lines must be kept open to contact faculty and update information.  

In the event of a two-hour delay, all children should report to school at 10am.  There is morning preschool when there is a delay.  Because some public districts do not provide busing outside the normal times, children from these districts should get rides to school.  Teachers will be not present at the usual time.

If the announced delay does not specifically mention St. Bede School, but does name one of the public districts that service our school, only those children should follow the announcement.  Children who ride the buses of other districts who are not delayed or who walk or are driven should arrive at the normal time.

In case of an emergency dismissal,  Homeroom Coordinators will initiate a phone chain to notify parents as soon as possible.  However, because phone service may be interrupted, some emergency situations may not allow for this option.  Children will not be dismissed until parents are notified and transportation is arranged.

Please submit all changes to emergency phone numbers to the office promptly.

Drop Off and Pick Up Traffic Rules

All car drop off and pick ups are to be made on Willard Street in front of the church.  Parking is not permitted in the church driveway or in the designated area on Edgerton Ave.    Buses will pick up students on Edgerton Ave. in front of the school.  Both Willard and Edgerton are designated School Speed Limit areas with a speed limit of 15 mph while the signs are flashing.  Please obey these limits for the safety of our children.  Please do not drive or park in the circular driveway or pull into the school playground from the alley.

Communication with Parents

Open communication among parents, teachers, and administrators is important for student progress and for maintaining a healthy school climate. 

For quick daily reference see:

the Bede Banter
the RVS gradebook
quarterly reports
Parent/student/teacher conferences
Conferences on request
Conduct referrals
the weekly newsletter (K-5)
the monthly calendar
the monthly hot lunch menu
Parent Teacher Guild meetings

Any questions concerning your child should be directed to the teacher.  Please call the school office to leave a voice mail message for the teacher who will return your call.  Positive communication between teacher and parent is vital to our total educational program.  Parents are asked not to call teachers at their homes.  PTG meetings will also address issues relevant to the school.

Report cards are issued to the children four times a year, before the parent-teacher conferences, in November, January, and April.  Students receive the final report card on the last day of school.  Mid-reports are also issued four times a year, between the final reporting dates. Conferences can also be arranged by request at any time of the year.


The school office is open from 7:30am to 3:30pm.  Communication with teachers and students will be handled by the school office and done in a manner that does not disrupt the educational process.  Students may only use the office telephone for emergencies, with the permission of the staff.  Cell phone use by students during the school day is not permitted.   Cell phones which are brought to school must be kept in the child’s backpack.  Cell phones are not to be carried on a student’s person.  No one may use his or her cell phone during school hours for any reason.  Please do not call your child during the school day via the cell phone.  Text messaging is absolutely forbidden.  Arrangements concerning transportation and after school activities should be arranged prior to the school day.


Student safety is a primary concern.  It is necessary to be able to identify all who enter the school building.

All school volunteers and visitors must sign in at the office when they arrive and before they leave.  Parents who have an appointment with a teacher must stop in at the office before joining the teacher.  No one may walk through the halls or visit a classroom without permission from the principal. 

Items forgotten by a student and needed for the day’s work are to be left at the school office to eliminate any unnecessary interruptions to classes and instruction.

Dress Code 

Boys K-8: Navy blue  or tan  cotton twill pants with appropriate belt; NO DENIM, CORDUROY, LOW RIDER, JEAN-LIKE CUT, or PANTS WITH POCKETS ON THE SIDE; PANTS MUST FIT AND BE WORN AT THE WAIST; White, light blue, or navy shirt with a collar or turtleneck; SHIRTS MUST BE TUCKED INTO PANTS.  

Girls K-4:  Uniform plaid jumper or navy blue  or tan cotton twill slacks with an appropriate belt; NO DENIM, CORDUROY, LOW RIDER, JEAN-LIKE CUT, or PANTS WITH POCKETS ON THE SIDE; White, light blue, or navy shirt with a collar or turtleneck; SHIRTS MUST BE TUCKED INTO SLACKS AND FIT APPROPRIATELY.  NO SKIN TIGHT OR SHORT SHIRTS OR BLOUSES WILL BE PERMITTED.      JUMPERS MUST BE WORN NO SHORTER THAN 2" ABOVE THE KNEE. 

Girls 4-8:  Uniform plaid skirt of appropriate length (NO SHORTER THAN 2" ABOVE THE KNEE) No rolling of skirt is permitted!; navy blue or tan cotton twill slacks with an appropriate belt; NO DENIM, CORDUROY, LOW RIDER, JEAN-LIKE CUT, or PANTS WITH POCKETS ON THE SIDE;  White, light blue, or navy golf or oxford shirt with a collar or turtleneck;  SHIRTS MUST BE TUCKED INTO SLACKS OR SKIRT.  NO SKIN TIGHT OR SHORT SHIRTS OR BLOUSES WILL BE PERMITTED.  Please make sure that skirts and shirts fit appropriately.

For all students in Grades K-8, sweaters of any style may be worn over a shirt, blouse, or turtleneck provided the sweater is solid navy or white.  Fleece jackets/shirts are not acceptable.  Sweatshirts may be worn, but they must be St. Bede sweatshirts.  If a sweater or St. Bede sweatshirt is worn, an appropriate school shirt MUST be worn underneath.  No T-shirts will be acceptable.

From the opening day of school until October 1, and from May 1 until the end of the school year, navy blue or tan cotton twill walking shorts may be worn.  NO DENIM, CORDUROY, LOW RIDER, JEAN-LIKE CUT, EXCESSIVELY BAGGY or SHORTS WITH POCKETS ON THE SIDE.  Girls must wear appropriate length shorts.  Anyone wearing  inappropriate shorts will lose the privilege of wearing shorts. 

Appropriate school shoes and socks or tights (white, light blue, or navy) must be worn.  NO SNEAKERS/SNEAKER-LIKE SHOES, VANS, SANDALS, CLOGS, FLIP FLOPS or HIGH HEELS ARE PERMITTED.  Shoes may not have a heel of more than 1.5".  Students travel up and down the stairs all day.  High platform shoes, clogs, sandals/flip-flops are very dangerous.

Dress and grooming are important.  Emphasis is on cleanliness and neatness.  Extreme fads (dyeing of hair in odd hues, unkempt hair, hair in eyes) and styles are not appropriate or acceptable for school.  Boys’ hair must be groomed and cut above the collar and off the face.



Homework is intended to supplement and reinforce class work.  Homework may consist of written work, reading for review, study and memorization, or work on special projects.  Typically, the following time allotments for homework are suggested:

Primary levels (1-3)  30 minutes
Intermediate levels (4-5)  60 minutes
Upper levels (6-8)  60-90 minutes
In the case of a student's absence, requests for homework should be made when informing the office of the student's absence (before 9am) so that all of the necessary information and materials may be gathered in each class during the day.


St. Bede School administration and faculty are committed to teach and model Gospel values to encourage students to live their lives as a reflection of Christ.  The philosophy of the school strives to recognize and respect the dignity of each person and to offer a positive, Christ-centered, safe learning environment based on the Social Teachings of the Church.  Discipline is considered an element of moral guidance not as a form of punishment.

Every teacher and staff member shares the responsibility to model appropriate behavior and to support the structure necessary for learning self-discipline.  Students are encouraged to assume responsibility for their actions, develop self control, and accept responsibility and consequences for inappropriate behavior. 

Please consult the various handbooks in print, available in the school office, for more specific details on expectations and consequences for the various grade levels.  

St. Bede School follows the guidelines and regulations found in the Catholic School Safety & Security Manual.