Homework Resources for Middle School Parents
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Included below are several resources to help parents assist their children with middle school level homework.  Very often parents feel that their sixth, seventh, or eighth graders should be able to deal with homework alone and, therefore, leave them to struggle with the new onslaught of responsibilities by themselves.  Of course it is necessary for these students to learn to work independently and be responsible for their own work; in fact, many middle schoolers will naturally and justly demand this autonomy. 

However, many parents and teachers often make the assumption that a student’s age determines readiness or ability to be organized, responsible, and able to manage their time.  In most cases, this is a dire misconception.  While a few children naturally are very organized, maintain a homework planner, and manage to always stay on top of their assignments, this natural tendency is not common.  Those skills actually need to be taught and nurtured before most students are able to be completely independent.

Daily planners are provided for each student at St. Bede for writing down assignments and projects.  Managing to follow through on recorded assignments may require some help from home.  This collection of resources includes a variety of planners to help teach time management, contracts for parents and children who need a little extra motivation, and tips from an education expert. 

Parents should consider contacting their child’s teachers if the following situations arise:

  • The child consistently has difficulty completing the homework assignments.
  • The child consistently does not bring assignments home.
  • The child claims to never have any homework.
  • The child claims to always finish homework assignments at school.
When parents and teachers join together, the children see that we are working together to help them succeed.  Best wishes on a prosperous school year!