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Our multiple commitments often find us intensely engaged in the tasks of life. We get so serious about living that we forget we have been created in love and are called to live that love. Dare we believe that we are born to mirror a joyous God! A God who delights in BEAUTY, in LAUGHTER, in enjoying the simple things of life. Join Fr. Simi as he inspires us to find a balance in our life -- one that respects the need to fulfill our responsibilities and encourages and celebrates our joyous spirit!


October 18, 2008


Mid-life is a normal stage of development and cannot be escaped. It is a time of transformation which opens us to new human and spiritual wholeness; a time of being 'out of sort,' of finding balance as we walk the shifting sands of our relationships and beliefs; a time of yearning for new meaning, greater intimacy and longed for change. Join us as we accept the invitation to step into the unknown and find God's surprise waiting for us there!

November 15, 2008



7:00 pm Friday -- 1:00 pm Sunday                      $130 pp, sgl occ; $115 pp, dbl occ. Deposit: $50

December 12 -- 14, 2008
Fr. Doug Haefner

Spirituality Weekend
January 9 -- 11, 2009
S. Barbara Brown,   Barbara Martell,
S. Marguerite Stewart

February 20 -- 22, 2009


March 27 -- 29, 2009
Fr. Doug Haefner

July 5, --July 11, 2009
$350 pp single occ.
Deposit $50.00
Spiritual Direction

Advent Special! Spa Weekend for the Spirit & Soul


During these hectic days before Christmas we are bombarded with all sorts of sales and specials in our consumer culture.  This weekend invites the participants to a Spa Experience to rejuvenate the soul and the spirit as we prepare for the Christmas Feast.  Join us for this ADVENT Weekend Special as we set aside time to relax, renew and re-create ourselves for the Advent\Christmas celebration.


The Gift of a Woman


The gift of a woman is often reflected in her rich interior life of feelings. The Scriptures
reveal that Jesus too expressed his deep feelings and intense emotional experiences.  These he expressed from the depth of his being. Unfortunately, we live in a world where the giftedness of emotions is often undervalued, underdeveloped, and misunderstood;  leaving a woman controlled by her feelings rather than blessed by the gift.  Fran Ferder, author of Words Made Flesh, tells us that "all our feelings are potential  sources of divine  revelation, God breaking unexpectedly into our lives with a message not to be ignored."
Join us for this sacred time of exploration and discovery of how God is speaking to us through our emotions and calling us to a deeper awareness of our giftedness as women.


Guided Prayer Weekend


Come away for a while to a quiet place to be with God and to grow in awareness of His presence in the ordinary events of your life. These days of reflection will include time for personal and group prayer as well as daily, individual spiritual guidance for every participant.


Lent: This Joyful Season


As we journey through the season of Lent, our focus is usually on penitential practices. But, Lent is also a joy-filled season. It brings us to the heart of a Passionate Love Story. The story speaks of a God who longs for us and of our longing for God.  It brings us to the heart of the Paschal Mystery where we strike a balance between pain and joy, struggle and hope. Sometimes, we may forget that we make this Lenten pilgrimage as risen Christians, sharing in the joy of the Risen Christ. This weekend will help us to breathe new life into this Joyful Lenten Season. 
Topics for the weekend are:
The Joy of a Passionate God, The Joy of Healing,
The Joy of Forgiveness & Reconciliation, The Joy of the Resurrection


Recognizing God in our Lives:     A Directed Retreat


Enjoy six days of solitude with your God. The directed retreat is individually guided by a spiritual director who helps the retreatant to focus on his/her relationship with God. The person shares their prayer experience with the director, including thoughts, feelings and emotions. With the help of the director, the retreatant learns to become more and more aware of how active God is in his/her life and how better to cooperate with God's gifts and graces.





The Next Step -- HOLISTIC  SPIRITUALITY  CLASSES             
AUREEN CONROY, RSM, D. MIN.             


"In all of my countless hours with her... this transcendentally spiritual woman always--and I mean always--shines a light that captures everyone within its boundaries. The very first moment we met, I knew in an absolute flash of insight that I was in the presence of a uniquely divine woman. To me, Immaculée was not only left to tell this mind-blowing story, but more than that, she's a living example of what we can all accomplish when we go within and choose to truly live in perfect harmony with our originating Spirit."                                          Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
"Immaculée is a stunningly beautiful woman who emanates peace and light. Her story is one that confirms the existence of power of a Divine Source. When I read her book, I came to understand and trust at a whole new level that true communion with God is possible for every one of us."                                              Dr. Christiane Northrup


Ticket Invoice:   A Story of Faith, Hope & Forgiveness with Immaculée Ilibagiza
Sunday, October 5, 2008             7:00 pm   Free Will Offering
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Sunday, October 5, 2008    7:00 pm


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