Monocacy Manor consists of 108 acres
of rolling grass covered hills
bounded by the
Monocacy Creek.

It has been the home of the
School Sisters of St. Francis since 1947.
Also located on grounds is the San Damiano Hermitage, and Mullen Hall Gymnasium.

St. Francis Center for Renewal
is located in this spacious building.
It can accommodate up to 72 retreatants.

The Main Chapel is located in the White House,
also the residence of the Sisters.

This statue and crucifix is located
in the cemetery for the Sisters
on the west end of the grounds.

On the grounds there are places such as these
for reflection and prayer.

The natural beauty of the grounds,
the wide open spaces for walking,
and the gentle flow of the Monocacy Creek provide and atmosphere for solitude, reflection, contemplation and relaxation.

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