This top achievement level is attainable through our immersion program in which French is not only one half of the medium in which subjects are taught, but also the means of communication in that classroom. Note that students striving to attain this level may not need to have Bilingual parents, but they are likely to need opportunities to interact with the French-speaking peers through exchanges, summer camps, travel, or additional experiences.


    The 50-50 French Immersion Program is designed for students who want to master English as their mother tongue and develop French as a second language. This program provides the student with half day instruction, English as the medium, and the other half instruction with French as the medium, in an effort to encourage effective us of both official languages. Please note that communication with the home, for this program, is in English.



    Responsibilities of Pupils

    School Yard Behaviour
    In The Classroom

    Bus Transportation

    Lunch Room Expectations

    Dress Code



      St. John Bosco is a Catholic School which believes that all students are special gifts of God and require an opportunity to grow in a school environment which is permeated with the love of Jesus Christ. We believe that all students have a right to develop their individual talents and skills and that they are entitled to the guidance necessary to help them realize their potential.

      It is necessary then that there be some basic rules of conduct which is not cluttered by inappropriate behaviours, distractions from learning, or unnecessary tensions. For this purpose, this code of behaviour is published as a guide to help us provide the best learning environment for all pupils. It is imperative that parents, pupils and students adhere to the basic rules found here-in and that all recognise the necessity for such a code.


      1. Students are to be diligent in their studies and complete all assignments to the best of their ability.

      2. Students are to respect the property of the school and of all persons attending the school.

      3. Students must respect the authority of the Principal, Teachers, Monitors, Support Staff, Parent Volunteers or any other person who has been assigned the safety and welfare of the students.

      4. Students will refrain from body contact sports or activities.

      5. Students will refrain from the use of profane language. Verbal abuse is a form of violence which is not acceptable and which will be viewed in the same light as physical abuse.

      6. Students will refrain from the use, sale, or distribution of drugs, alcohol, tobacco or other illegal substances.

      7. Students must not leave the school grounds without written permission from the parents. A note is also necessary if the student usually takes the bus and is not taking it for some reason.

      8. Students may not use or be in the possession of weapons.

      9. Students must refrain from acts of violence, racism, bigotry.

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      1. This school will maintain a policy of No Body Contact. Games involving body contact are forbidden in the yard.

      2. The Supervisor on yard duty is the person who will resolve problems in the yard and is in charge of the yard.

      3. Students are to listen to the Supervisor and to be courteous and respectful.

      4. Students who are bused to school or who have permission to eat lunch at school may not leave the school yard without written permission from their Parents or Guardians.

      5. No one may leave the school yard during recess.

      6. Students who live within walking distance from school are encouraged to go home for lunch.

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      1. Students will participate in the classroom activities as directed by the Teacher.

      2. Students will follow common rules of courtesy with fellow pupils, teachers, support staff and visitors in the school.

      3. Students will not be permitted to cause distractions in the class.

      4. Students will complete home assignments as directed by the teacher. This work should be monitored by parents.

      5. Students will respect the property and equipment of the school and will be held accountable for damage or loss caused by neglect or misuse.

      6. Individual classroom rules and routines will be published and circulated at the beginning of each school year.

      7. Students are responsible to all staff while in the school premises.

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        Bus transportation is a privilege. Students are to follow the rules of bus transportation as set out by the Board Policy. This is distributed to the parents at the beginning of every school year. The primary objectives of these rules is to ensure the safety of students. Students who do not follow the rules will be suspended from bus transportation. In such cases, the parent will assume the responsibility of ensuring that the child attends school.

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      1. Students are to remain in their assigned seats during the lunch period.

      2. Students are to obey and be courteous to lunch room monitors.

      3. It will be expected that students will follow common sense "table manners" while eating in the assigned lunch room.

      4. Students will be dismissed from the lunch room by the monitors.

      5. Students are expected to be provided with a lunch from home.

      6. Students who stay for lunch will not be permitted to leave the school premises without written permission from the parent or guardian.

      7. Students who refuse to obey the lunch room rules will not be permitted to stay at the school for lunch.

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      1. Students are to be neat and tidy in their appearance for school.

      2. Students are to be dressed appropriately for weather conditions.

      3. Clothing should reflect respect for the Christian values of the school.

      4. The wearing of revealing or suggestive clothing is not acceptable.

      5. Clothing with inappropriate printing or messages will not be tolerated.

      6. Hats may not be worn in school.

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