St. John Bosco

    Catholic School council



    The Catholic School Council of St. John Bosco is dedicated to the belief that its mission is to promote the highest possible standard of Catholic Education.

    In our school, the Council will accomplish this through the development, nurturing and maintenance of strong partnerships in the education of the child. The partnership includes all members of the catholic education community. It is also our commitment to foster strong, clear and positive communications which enhance the delivery of education to our children.

    School Council Members

    Margaret Aubin
    Karen Altieri
    Susanne Casselman
    Nicole Pritchard
    Maureen Smith
    Sylvie Watt
    Bernie Carriere
    Rick Blanchard  - Principal
    Bernice Kilger  -  Teacher Rep.
    Lazzarina Tantalo  - Non-Teaching Staff
    Fr. Laurier River  - Pastor