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Principal's Message

    I am pleased to welcome you to our school's web site. We hope it will provide you with useful information about our school and its program. Also, students will be able to view samples of completed and on-going projects by their peers. The links, if accessed, can be useful and safe resources to use in completion of homework.

    As general information, we are a Grade 3 to Grade 8 Immersion school. You will find more information about the Immersion program under "School Information".

    We, at St. John Bosco, are proud of our success in attempting to educate the "whole" child. We have exceptional teachers who help each student achieve their own personal best. Academically, our students move on to do very well in high school. In Provincial Testing, we consistently are among the highest performing schools in our Board and Province. However, this type of testing is only one measure of success. We prefer to focus on the positive improvements made by individual students.

    Safety of our students is also a priority. This is helped by a dress code limiting objectionable material and styles but still allowing some freedom of expression. We also have a "hands-off" policy with regards to students interacting with each other in our school environment. Acts of aggression, bullying, disrespect for authority, or disruptive behaviour are treated seriously. Any such incidents are looked into as fully as is possible, and dealt with, taking into account individual student needs and histories. Fairness to all in such cases is very important, but safety of our students and staff will always be an overriding consideration.

    We are very close to our parish church and our students enjoy regular liturgical celebration at St. John Bosco Church. Our school chaplain, Father Laurier Rivet, is very supportive and is a welcome visitor to our school.

    Our School Council has always had a focus of trying to enhance the faith, academic and personal experience our students have here at St. John Bosco.

    In short, we feel our students receive an excellent catholic education at this school. I hope you find this web site an asset, and I ask that any suggestions or concerns be forwarded to me.

    Yours in Catholic Education,

    Rick Blanchard