Siberian Tigers

    Tigers are some of my favorite animals, are they one of yours?

    Mrs. M. fellow classmates, my speech is on tigers

    The Siberian tiger is the largest cat. Their fur is orange with black stripes. They have white fur around their neck and around their eyes. Their eyes are large with green pupils. They can be as long as nine to twelve feet. They weigh between four hundred and six hundred and fifty pounds.

    The Siberian tiger cubs stay with their moms for two to three years. When a cub is born, they weigh less than two pounds. The Siberian tigerís mom takes care of her young by hunting for them until they are six to eight weeks old. Then she will show them how to hunt. Tiger cubs love to play fight!

    Siberian tigers live in Siberia, Northern China, and North Korea. It can get as cold as fifty degrees below zero where they live! Their habitat includes trees, mountains, and grassy areas. There must be a lot of animals; s in their habitat for them to prey on. They do not migrate, in their habitant for them to prey on. They do not migrate, but they can travel up to one hundred miles in search of food.

    Siberian tigers are doing well in zoos around the world. Many zoos have their young tigers give birth to more Siberian tigers.

    The Siberian tiger eats red meat and a special tiger food called Nebraska brand at the zoo. Red meat and is the muscle of an animal. A big angry tiger can eat about one hundred pounds of red meat a day.

    The Siberian tiger hunts by sneaking behind rocks and trees and pouncing on its prey Siberian tigers eat deer, antelope, pigs, baby rhinoceros, and tapirs. They sometimes attack bears, but they cannot eat them.

    There are only about two hundred Siberian tigers in the wild. After all these years the tigers became endangered because of people. Poachers are hunting them for their fur and body parts. People are starting to build homes in their habitant.

    All Siberian tigers use their tails to communicate, how they move it, means different things

    And that my speech on Siberian tigers

    Melissa. L Grade 4