My Love For Cats

    I wish to share with you my passions for cats because they are cute, cuddly and so friendly. Cats can be held better and they like to be petted. They are so quiet. When I’m sad, they make me feel much better.

    I’m sure you want to meet my two cats! TIGER is the oldest of the two. She’s a six-year old female cat. Her fur is orange with brown streaks. She has green eyes and short hair. TIGER is the youngest. He’s a one and a half year old male cat. His colour is grey and white with some black marks. He has long hair that can get tangled sometimes.

    Did you know that my cats have different personalities? TIGER is not too friendly, only for my Mom and me. She doesn’t like to be picked up by anyone but my Mom and me. Otherwise, she makes a weird noise. TIGER has always been on the lazy side. Bubbles is very friendly and really likes to be picked up. Bubbles loves to play when he wants to. He likes to attack my feet by surprise when I walk pass him. He likes to scare TIGER, and it seems to work all the time!

    Want to hear about their favorite food and treats! TIGER has the appetite of a dog and eats everything you can think of. TIGER’S best treat is cheese! BUBBLES is more fussy, like me, he does not eat everything. His best treat is when Mom gives him food from a can. BUBBLES just loves that! But both cats eat the same kind of food on a regular day.

    You should see how happy TIGER acts when she’s outside. She runs after anything, and she loves to catch birds and then brings then home on the balcony so we can see what she got. She’s proud to show off ! BUBBLES enjoys the inside more. He prefers the summer and when outside he stays close to home. He doesn’t like winter or the snow.

    TIGER is scared of dogs. Her favorite hiding spot in our new house is under the basement stairs. She hates water, going to the vet and our new covered litter! BUBBLES doesn’t like dogs also. He hides behind the rocking chair at the top of the stairs. From this spot he likes to attacks people’s feet by surprise. BUBBLES is not afraid of water.

    Hope you enjoyed meeting my two cats. They bring life and fun to our family and they both like our attention. I like to pet them and enjoy playing with them.

    Cats are great friends to have. I also collect pictures of cats and my favorite stuffed animal is a old pink cat that follows me wherever I go!

    Mélanie P. Public Speaking Assignment - Grade 3