Mrs. M. and fellow classmates, the topic of my speech is dinosaurs.  They lived millions of years ago. The word dinosaur comes from the Greek words “deinos” meaning terrible and “sauros” meaning lizard.  There were many different kinds of dinosaurs.  The Brontosaurus was huge, the length of three school buses.  The Brontosaurus had a very long neck and tail.  Tyrannosaurus Rex was a carnivore, which means he ate meat.  Stegosaurus was a large herbivore, which means he ate plants, leaves and even seeds.  The Stegosaurus had two rows of thin, bony plates down his back.  Some scientists believe the dinosaurs died out because of a plague or disease that swept the Earth, killing everything.  Another idea that some scientists believe is that the temperature became very cold and the dinosaurs couldn’t survive.  Some scientists say a supernova could be the reason the dinosaurs are extinct.  A supernova is when a large star, bigger than the sun, becomes unstable and explodes.  These are only a few possible reasons for the extinction of the dinosaurs.

     ASHLEY J. - Grade 3