Teachers and fellow classmates: By: Ryan T. 3V


    I stand in my crease, crouched over, fifty pounds of equipment weighing me down. I wait patiently for the play to come into my zone. I follow the action, my vision impaired by the steel grates of my mask. Moving out to the top of my crease to challenge the player, I am screened by six or seven others in front of my net. Watching the stick draw back, "BANG!" he takes a hard slap shot. The puck lifts off the ice and flies up toward me. I reach out, straining to see through the crowd in front of me. In a split second, the puck hits my glove and I close it. The whistle blows, I fall to the ice, look in my glove, and the puck rolls out in front of my face. "WHAT A SAVE!" The crowd goes wild, my team cheers, the player shakes his head and skates away. I get up and toss the puck to the referee, skate backwards, get into position and prepare myself to do it all over again.

    It takes a lot of hard work to be a goalie. You must be in control at all times, never blaming others for the goals you let in. You move in and out, side to side, up and down. You follow the puck all the time, and if it does get by, you hope that it hits one of your friends, the goalposts. Most of all, you must be willing to learn from your mistakes.

    This is the life of a goalie. Standing in the crease for sixty minutes or more, trying to protect your team the best you can. And when the best isn’t good enough, you simply do better.

    I enjoy being a goalie and I enjoy being "THE LAST LINE OF DEFENSE."

    Thank you….