Polar Bears

    Welcome Mrs. M. and fellow students. Iím here today to talk to you about polar bears. Polar bears only live in the northern part of the arctic where itís cold with lots of snow. They spend most of their time on the ice. They are the largest of the meat eaters in the world and the largest of the bear family. The height of the average adult male is 2.6 meters, and the weight of the male is around 900 pounds. The height of the average female is 2 meters and the weight of the average female is 500 pounds.

    The polar bears have off white fur and their noses are black and their eyes and mouth also. The polar bears skin is really black and it can soak up as much heat as possible from the sun. The polar bears are excellent swimmers and swim from ice floe to ice floe. They dog paddle with their heads above the water and much of their backs to float on the water as they swim.

    They can swim an average of six miles per hour. Polar bears have the greatest sense of smell; they can smell dead whales and seals from twenty miles away. On a clear day a polar bearsí nose can be seen from six miles away with a pair of binoculars. Polar bears can catch seals by finding a seal air hole and then they sneak up on it slowly and sit there until a seal pokes its head up to breath, and then the polar bear scoops it up and out of the hole, and now has its supper.

    Humans can also eat polar bears, Eskimos love to eat their meat, and make clothes from their fur.

    Thank you for reading my speech about polar bears. Arenít they interesting animals?

    I think so!

    Jordan G.