Where's the Coca-Cola?


        Mrs. M and fellow classmates, there are many fascinating animals in our world and one of the most interesting to me is the mighty Polar Bear!

        The Polar Bears live in the Northern part of the world where it is snowy and icy.  These mammals are larger and heavier than any four legged meat eater.  The Polar Bears have strong legs, big feet, a long neck and thick fur. 

         Polar Bears main food source are seals and fish.  They like salmon the most because these fish are very fatty.  An adult Polar Bear can eat ninety pounds of food a day!  As we know Polar Bears live in the middle of oceans of frozen water.  Although they live near water, they cannot drink the salty water.  If they drank large amounts of water, it would kill them.  They get the required amount of water from the blubber they eat from the seals.  They need almost no water to survive.

        The Polar Bears give birth to cubs in a tunnel in the snow.  Baby cubs are the size of guinea pigs and weigh only about 25 ounces.  They are blind and hairless for the first few weeks. 

       Ever since people have gone to the Artic they have seen the Polar Bears.  Although they are very dangerous when threatened, Polar Bears usually ignore people.  As time goes on, more people and industries are moving Northwards.  If we can control the pollution, about 20,000 of our Polar Bears will continue to freely roam the ice and swim the seas.

     By Sarah S. - Grade three