Wow!  Look at all the snow outside.  Mrs. M., and fellow classmates, my speech today is about snow.

         My favorite season is winter, because it snows in winter.  I like to see the snow falling down, because there is so many things to do in the snow.  I like how the snow turns everything white.  I like how pretty everything looks.  I like how the trees look with snow on them.  I like snow.

         Have you ever thought about how snow is made?  Snow is made when little drops of water in the clouds get cold and freeze.  Then they turn into ice crystals.  The ice crystals bump into other ice crystals and form snowflakes. There can be many ice crystals in a snowflake.

         Snowflakes are all different.  None of them are the same except they all have six sides.  Some snowflakes have pointed ends and some snowflakes have flat ends.  Sometimes snowflakes are really small, like powder.  Sometimes snowflakes are really big, as big as my hand.

         Snow can be really good.  It saves the grass and ground from the wind and cold of winter.  The snow is like a blanket on your bed.  It covers everything up.  It also saves little animals like rabbits, who live in holes in the ground.

         Snow can be not so good sometimes too.  If there is too much snow, animals like deers have a hard time to find food.  When the snow is deep, animals have a hard time walking in it.  In snowstorms, people have trouble driving their cars.  It is hard for people to walk in  the snow, because they could fall and hurt themselves.

         But snow can also be very fun.  We can do lots of fun things in the snow.  We can make snowman.  We can make snow angels.  We can make snow forts.  We can go tobogganing, snowboarding and skiing down hills.  Some people like to go snowmobiling.  Some people like to go snowshoeing.  There are many things we can do in the snow.  I like snow.

     Jenne G. - Grade 3