Bengal  Tigers


    Mrs. M.   fellow students my  topic for today is on Bengal  Tigers.

         The Bengal Tigers are solitary and does not like to share its range with other tigers.  All tigers mark their territory with strong smelling urine and also by shredding the bark of trees. Bengal tigers drag the remains of the kill and bury the rest loosely with leaves then eat them later. They live in Eastern India, Bangladesh and are also found in parts of Nepal and Burma.  Male tigers occupy about 20 square miles, while the females have 17 square miles. They have many dens in its range and use the one that  is closes to them. They breed in the spring, Of the 20 - 80 days he stays with the female in her home range. After mating he stays he returns to his home range and has nothing to do with rearing the cubs. Fifteen weeks later she gives birth to 2 - 4 cubs. For 8 weeks she lets them drink milk, after that she brings them meat as well At 11 months they hunt for themselves. They stay with their mothers 2 - 3 years. The tigers hunt at night. They are powerful and quick on short distances, they stock their prey because they cannot outrun them. They mainly hunt wild ox and buffalo.  They like to attack young or old animals.  The size of the males are 9 - 10 feet from head to tip of tail, shoulders are 36 ins. in height and weighs 400 -575 pounds.


    The roar of a tiger can be heard 2 miles away.

    Tigers purr like acts when breathing out only.

    They always eat hindquarters first.

    They kill about 30 buffalo a year and eat 60 pounds in a night.

     The Siberian tiger is a cousin and is the world’s biggest cat.                                                                                                     


    Jamie A-P - Grade 3