My Swim Team


                The whistle blows – take your mark – the starter’s pistol bangs – AND  YOU’RE OFF!!!


                Honourable judges, teachers and fellow students, my topic is about my swim team.


                My swim team is called the Cornwall Sea Lions, C.S.L. for short.  We practice at the Kinsmen Center, three days a week.  Different people like Holly Smith, Carrine Bacher, Magen Suffle, Kelsey Smith and lots of other kids are on the swim team.  Our Team Coach is Robbie Ouellete. 


                The team is broken down into 6 groups.  They are the Tadpoles, the Pups, the D Group, the D Group, the B Group and the A Group.  I swim in the D Group.  My group swims on Monday’s from 6:00 – 7:00p.m. after school, Friday’s from 4:00 – 5:30p.m. and on Saturday mornings from 8:00 – 9:00a.m.


                When we are at practice we swim 25 metres, 50 metres, 100 metres, 200 metres, 800 metres and sometimes 1 500 metres.  You might wonder what these are.  Well, our pool is 25 metres long, so a 100 metre swim is when you swim 4 laps of the pool non-stop.  A 200 metre swim is 8 lengths of the pool non-stop and a 1 500 metre swim is 60 laps of the pool non-stop.  The 1 500 is a kilometre and a half and is very exhausting.  The types of strokes we swim are: freestyle, which is front crawl; backstroke; butterfly; breastroke and individual medley or I.M. The individual medley is when you swim all of the strokes in a special order.  The order is fly, back, breast and free.  When we swim sometimes we do relay races.  Relays are when Robbie breaks us into groups and we do 25’s and at the end of the pool you get to take a little rest in the water, then you have to get out of the pool and do the relay race again.


                Being on a swim team is lots of fun because you get a chance to meet different people and go to competitions in different places.  I’ve been to three competitions.  One in Arnprior and two at Nav Canada here in Cornwall,  I have been lucky enough to win medals and ribbons.  I’ve won some 1st place ribbons in freestyle and other events and ribbons for achieving my personal best in the events that I swam in.


                The aim in competition swimming is to always do your best and try hard no matter how difficult it is.


                My favourite event is butterfly because it’s the one I’m fastest at.  The whole team has to work really hard to do well and our coaches spend a lot of time helping us.  Someday I want to swim for Team Canada in the Olympics. 


    Alyssa C

    Grade 5