My Older Sisters


                Do you know how hard it is to have two older sisters around?  Well I do.


                Honourable judges, teachers and fellow students, the topic I have chosen is being the youngest in the family.


                Life is not very pleasant with two older sisters.  Let me tell you a bit about my two older sisters, Josee and Ashley.  Josee is 16, in grade 11 and loves playing sports and talking on the phone.   Ashley is 14, in grade 9 and likes going on the net and hanging out with her friends.


                I have so many problems with my two older sisters it is not even funny.  My sister Josee always monopolizes the phone with her boyfriend when I want to call my friends. 


                My sisters pick on me but through the years I will get back at them with their old comebacks like “I know you are but what am I.”


                The thing I hate the most is that they get to go to late parties and stay out late.  I absolutely hate when they always go on the Internet.  They’re on the net  24-7 non-stop.  They’re on ICQ until 3:00a.m. in the morning and there is music blasting.  My mom can’t really do anything because she is usually at work.  Half of the time they get the attention because they’re older and know a lot more.  They watch rated “R” movies and they chose where we are going to eat this night or that night. 


                It is usually “Sarah give me a piece of gum”; “Sarah, get me a drink”; “Sarah, get out of my face”.  And of course they come crawling back because they want something from me. 


                At least we have another TV downstairs so I go down stairs and watch my shows.  Of course, somebody has to bug me.  They say, “Sarah, I’m in charge so you better listen”.  Yeah right.  When my mom gets home I try to tell her that my sisters are bossing me around but of course she doesn’t believe me.


                The fun part about being the youngest in the family for me is that you can blame your sisters so that you don’t get in trouble.  I always blame my sister or sisters and I just sit there and laugh while they are getting yelled at. 


    Sometimes I just think about having two older sisters and it is fun because you get to listen to their phone conversations.  I mean, that is one of the best parts about being the youngest in the family. There is more… spying on them and finding out their major secrets and taking their precious stuff. My mother would kill to know some of the stuff that I know.


                But on the other hand I am pretty glad I have two older sisters to stand up for me.  I love them very much and I know I will look up to them.  And if I am lucky I could be a middle child some day and do a better job than they will ever do.


    Sarah M

    Grade 5