He shoots, he scores!!  The winner of the drawing contest is…; Whoa, what an amazing triple axel.


    Honorable judges, teachers and fellow students, I will be talking about goals.


    Everyone has at least one thing they would like to accomplish.  You may want to be in the NHL or to do a dance in front of people without any mistakes.  Whatever you goal is you have to work hard to achieve your dream.


    There are two types of goals; a long term goal and a short term goal.  A long term goal is something that you know will take you a long time to achieve.  However, you know in the end it will be worth it.  One of your long term goals may be your future job or to make a difference in society.


    Now, a short term goal is an achievement that probably won’t take you a year or two to accomplish. Although it may not take you long to attain this goal, you still need determination and hard work to achieve your goal.


    Goals are ambitions that people would like to succeed in.  They have to be willing to reach for the skies or in other words to do whatever they have to do to accomplish their dreams.


    Sometimes people choose some of their long term dreams based on a person they admire.  Some people think that their idol’s life is perfect which I believe is wrong because no one’s life can be perfect.  Everyone’s life or goal has its ups and downs.


    You may be frustrated at times with your choice for a goal.  It may be because it seems impossible or that it may not be worth all the work you may be doing.  However, if you just quit you’ll never amount to anything.  Your goal is something you have to work hard to achieve.  When push comes to shove, if you just abandon your dream you’ll regret it when you’re older or in the future.  That’s why you need a positive attitude and determination to achieve anything.


    Some of my friends want to become Marine biologists. They understand it will probably take a lot of schooling and life may become difficult at times.  (for example in their relationships, social life, attitudes of others etc…)


    They have obstacles to overcome to attain their dreams.  Some of theses obstacles may be inexperience, courses, nerves or their fears.  Fears are attached to every goal you probably can think of, from an accountant to a zoologist. (If you’re wondering a zoologist is a person who studies animals) 


    Some misgivings for some of your long term goals may be that you’re afraid of a mean boss. Or you might fear injuries to yourself or others, depending on your goal.  Some people dread failure.  I happen to be one of those people.


    You may want to run a small business when you are older.  But millions of small businesses go down each year.  How do you know that your business will succeed right from the start?  This may also be another one of your fears.


    For the time being I am focusing on learning about myself.  I am also focusing on my strengths and weaknesses.  By doing this I will have a better idea about my future goals.  Confidence will help me to find these things out.  Hey, and you never know, if I work really hard someday you might hear” The winner of the noble prize is …Miss Stang.”


    Cynthia S

    Grade 6