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VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL begins July 14th. Watch the bulletin for further details.


  In today’s gospel, the neighbors of Jesus did not see the presence of God in Jesus. Don’t miss God walking with you in the daily routines of family life. God is already at home in your home. “The Lord be with you” is a promise!

For those who are non-Catholic and Catholics who are not able to receive Communion at this time, you are invited during Communion to come up and receive a blessing. Simply say “blessing only” to the priest or Eucharistic Minister. Also, please note the directives from the Bishops of our country and the statement of the whole Church in the front of the Missal.

CRHP RUMMAGE SALE - Desperately in need of quality rummage, clothing, furniture, knick knacks, etc. The sale will be held July 19th and proceeds go to funding for CRHP. We will pick up your items for the sale!! Questions, call Bebe Meadows, 522-2456 or Margaret Gerke, 529-4345.

Our heartfelt prayers go out this weekend and always for an end to the conflict in Iraq. We pray for those who have died already and those taken as prisoners of war and offer our Masses, penance, prayers, good works, and daily visits to the Blessed Sacrament. Our church is open everyday from 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. The Rosary, scripture readings and constant thoughts of our love and prayers go out for our young men and women in the service and the people of Iraq.


Please pray for the sick and homebound of our parish: Dr. Leo Fleckenstein, Henry Bays, Velma Bays, Phyllis Hansen, Jeremy Abbott, Hank Bays, Anthony Wirtz, Bonnie Glass, Frank Graves, Bonnie Jones, Jenny Shriver, Harry Goheen, Sr. Rosebud, Mickey Palmer, Bill Palmer, E. Garland Ray, Sue Wilson, Marianne Wirtz, Linda Higgins, Nancy Webb, Robert Urbansky, Ken Johnson, Kyle Lawhorn, Dorothy Goodman, June Sumpter, Mary Frances Quinlan Slater, Julian Houchin, Albert Stewart, Mary Ann Schaffer, Bob Yost and Dan Barela.

Be sure to remember the Church's guidelines before you join in the Eucharist - read them here.

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