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Website Administrator :: Angela Mae.
In this small section, I speak a little about the history of how this site began.  It's a short history, not much to it, but if anyone was curious as to how it began, here you go.  I created this site when my dad, Chuck, suggested that I create something for the parish given my talent for web design.  The year was just beginning, and I took that suggestion to heart and by the end of January 2001, a site was created and built and online.  Besides the fact that it was a wonderful opportunity to create something for the school my dad has taught at for several years, it was also another business website that I had under my experience belt and so that didn't hurt either.

I am currently 24 years old and with an Associates Degree from NTC in Computer Support Specialist and a Technical Certificate in the Microcomputer Applications Specialist program.  I work full time in Minneapolis, Minnesota and  I've been doing websites since 1996, when I was 15 years old.  As of right now, I am busy with a different kind of website and another business site from time to time, but generally... I'm busy doing something. 
I do give many praises to God for letting me do this stuff... It's fun but stressful and time-consuming, but hopefully it brings me closer to Him in some way.  And many thanks to Monsignor Malik for allowing me to create this site for his parish and put it online as well!

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