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November 12, 2006
32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Weekend Mass Intentions

Saturday,  November 11
   6:00 PM   For Hilda Donahue by Allen and Janet Maillott
Sunday,  November 12
    9:30 AM  For the parishioners of St.Paul
Saturday,  November 18
   6:00 PM   For the parishioners of St.Paul
Sunday,  November 19

   9:30 AM For Julie Boisvert by Richard & Madeline Bilodeau

Parish News and Notes

Parish office hours
    Our parish office is open Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM. The Pastoral Associate is in most afternoons until 4:00 PM.  If you need to come in the PM please give us a call to make sure someone is here. Messages can always be left on the answering machine. 

Are you registered?
     Are you new to our parish?   If you are, please pick up a registration form in the vestibule of the church. Registration is very important.  Just drop it in the basket or mail it to our office.  Thanks!  We are always happy to receive new parishioners.  We welcome you and pray you will be happy here with us.

Please use church envelopes 
    Envelope users provide the bedrock of our financial support.  Please consider using them.  New packets of envelopes are mailed every three months. If you would like to receive some but you are not yet on the mailing list, please call Jeannine to give her your name and address. Thank you!

Envelope Request Form

____ I want to support our parish on a regular basis. Please add me to the envelope list.

Name ______________________________
Town ________________,NH Zip ________

Update on Parish Income

Weekend of November 5, 2006
St. Paul, Candia
Envelopes   $1770
Loose             424
Credit             100
Total             2294

All Saints Day    $254.00.

  Last weekend envelope users contributed 82% of our income.
(Amount tithed for the poor and needy: $137.64)

     Thank You so much for your Generosity.

Summary of Parish Meeting Oct. 29, 2006 (click on link to read)
Pastoral Council Meeting
    There will be a meeting of the Pastoral Council this week on Monday evening, Nov. 13, 2006 at 7:00 pm.  We trust you will make every effort to attend.

A Time for Sharing
    A few weeks ago there was an insert in the bulletin that stated and described some options for spiritual development in our parish.  There are only a very few people who responded to this invitation thus far.  It may be that some of you were not at Mass on that weekend.  It could also be that some of you had intended on responding and lost the insert.  The options were as follows:
    An Evening of Shared Prayer
    An Evening of Scripture Study/Discussion
    A Book discussion Group
Each option would last approximately 1 hour and would take place here at the parish rectory.  If you think you would be interested, please pick up a copy of this insert in the rear of the church.  It is printed on a very yellow sheet of paper.  You can’t miss it!

We Need You!  We are in need of teachers for grades K - 1. If we have enough volunteers, we can limit the teaching times to an eight week period.  This is wonderful for everyone.  It is only with the help of parents such as yourselves that we are able to offer this very important ministry in the parish.  If you think you would like to shadow a veteran teacher, please see Lorette after Mass or call the office

Electronic Offering:
Our Parish is now able to take your offertory donations through Credit or Debit card.  If you wish to make you contribution in this manner, simply fill in the following and return to our office. 

Name on Card___________________________________
Please Check:  ______MasterCard ______Visa
                       ______Debit MasterCard _____Debit Visa
Card Number:____________________________________
How often do you want this transaction to occur?
____One time _____Weekly_____Bi-Weekly ______Monthly


Christian Formation News
Grades K – High School
    If you have children of age for Religious Education, please remember to pick up a registration form for Religious Education for the coming year.  All children from grade K – the end of Confirmation must register.  The registration does not roll over from one year to the next.  You can pick up a form in the back of the church or you can visit the parish office Monday – Thursday during office hours or give us a call at 483-8481 and ask us to mail you a form.  We would be happy to do this

Grades K- 3  Classes for children in these grades has resumed on the weekend of September 16/17.

Grades 4 – 10 +    Last year we initiated a new program for the children in these grade levels.  The classes are held once a month and the program is geared to the entire family. Parents are strongly urged to attend the sessions as there is an adult component to the program which helps them to deepen their knowledge of the faith as well as making it possible for them to compliment the practice of the faith in the home. Our first class was held on Sunday, October 15, 2006.  Our next class is scheduled for November 12th.   This year, the classes will be held from 4:00 – 6:00 pm here at St. Paul’s.        2006-2007 Schedule (click here)

Question of the Week
31st  Sunday in Ordinary Time
(An Offering of Self)
Reading  1
Kings 17:10-16 (The Widow and Elijah)
Reading II:
Hebrews 9: 24-28 (Offered to Take Away the Sins of Many)
Mark 12: 38-44 (The Widow’s Mite)

Question for Adults: What lies at the core of my own generosity to others?  At first glance we may think that the answer is obvious.  If we are generous it is because we are kind and loving.  However, when we look a little deeper, we may realize that our generosity is based on other motives.  There are many but the ones that are most prominent are the following.  One motive is that of control.  If we are generous to family members or friends or even strangers, e.g. at work, we will maintain a certain control over them.  They will not feel as free to criticize or question our behaviors.  A second motive could be prestige.  We want people to see that we are well off.  A third motive could be a feeling of obligation.  We fear that if we are not generous, others will be upset or angry with us, especially those who have come to expect things from us such as family or friends or co-workers. 
Where do we fit in the scheme of things?  Are our motives pure?  Perhaps they are.  If not, what could we do to change our motives?

Question for Children? How might I respond to the poor and homeless of the world?
   How children respond to the poor and homeless of the world often depends on their view of society.  It also depends on what they learn from their parents whether it be directly or indirectly.  You might want to spend some time talking to your child about this topic in order to find out how they see things.  Once you have discussed their perspective on the poor, you might want to take some time to discuss ways of responding to the unfortunate situation of others.  Remember that the younger the child is, the more concrete they will be in their understanding of the situation. 

Just 4 Teens. . .Why do so many people seem to be insincere in their actions? 
Being sincere at all times is a very difficult thing for human beings to do.  We must remember that we live in a world inhabited by human beings, not gods or even demi-gods.  We are all capable of being imperfect.

Community News 

A Look at Upcoming Events

Holy Family Academy
   a private school located in Manchester, NH, provides a classical education in the Roman Catholic tradition for students in grades 7 – 12.  The Academy will be having an Open House for prospective students on Sunday, December 3, 2006 at 2:00 PM.  Come and hear about the Academy’s program of excellence in classical education and solid formation in the Catholic Faith.  Holy Family Academy is currently accepting qualified students in grades 7 – 12 for the 2007-2008 academic year.  For further information please call 644-7247

A Naomi Meal  The Religious Vocation Commission of the Diocese of Manchester is offering evenings of camaraderie and discernment for women, ages 16-45, who are considering religious life. Our topic will be “Charisms in Consecrated Life.”  If you are interested in learning more about how the Holy Spirit empowers and guides people in consecrated life, then please join us at our next Naomi supper from 6:00-9:00 p.m. St. Pius X Parish Hall.  Please RSVP to Jude Christopher, Office of Vocations, 669-3100 Z 153 or e-mail jchristopher@rcbm.org. by Nov. 27, 2006.     

The 11th Seventh Trumpet Mass
    November 19, 2006, is the celebration of the 11th Seventh Trumpet Mass for vocations at St. Joseph Cathedral, hosted by the Vocation Office.  Recitation of the Rosary will begin at 2:20 p.m. followed by Mass at 3:00 p.m. The Magdalen College Choir will be providing the music for the Mass.  This month we will be remembering all the deceased priests of the Diocese of Manchester.  Please come and get others to join the 1,000.  Log onto www.liveinblackandwhite.com for more information or call 660-3100 X 132.
Thanksgiving is Coming
    Thanksgiving Day is coming soon and we are in the process of planning for those who are less fortunate than ourselves.  If you or someone you know would benefit from receiving a basket for this celebration, please let us know this week or next weekend at the latest.  We would be happy to help in any way we are able.  If anyone is willing to make donations to our food pantry at this time, we would be very grateful.  Thank for all you do.

Tapes and CDs Available
    If any of you are interested in listening to good spiritual material, you are invited to check the vestibule of the church for tapes and CDs that are available. The good news is that they are FREE.  The producers of this material do this as a ministry in order that we are able to benefit from their work.  We received these from a generous parishioner who is willing to share her findings.  The topics include talks on the Sacraments, Conversion, The Rosary etc.  You may take any tape or CD you are interested in.  ou can keep it as long as you want to.


Please remember the following people and intentions in your daily prayers:

Our sick parishioners and friends…
   Please pray for the following people: ..Jude Rosenkrans, Stephen and Charlie Doucette, Betty Lintz, Cecile Gendron, Lori Aguilera, Kimberly Mirolo, Rita Sullivan, Kathy Gauthier, Roger Auger,  Jean Swindler, Roger Plante, Rita Matten, Joseph Gesel, Jacob Desrocher, Cindy Huard, Deborah McGovern, Ethel Thomas, Gordon Gladden and Carol Sheperd.
For peace in the world, especially in the Middle East…
For those serving in the armed forces...
For families experiencing stress due to financial, emotional or relational problems
For our sister parish in Haiti...
For vocations to full-time ministry, especially the priesthood, the deaconate, religious life lay ministry...

    If you would like to add a person or intention, please let us know. If people on the sick list are no longer in need of prayers, please let us know.

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