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March 4, 2007
2nd Sunday in Lent

Weekend Mass Intentions

Saturday,  March 3
   6:00 PM  For Parishioners of St. Paul
Sunday,  March 4
    9:30 AM  For Julie Boisvert by Richard & Madeleine Bilodeau
Saturday,  March 10
   6:00 PM   For Parishioners of St. Paul
Sunday,  March 11
   9:30 AM  For Lucille St. Onge by Mike & Diane Beaudoin

NOTE:  There is a 12 noon Mass at St. Peter Church in Auburn  on Tuesdays during Lent

Parish News and Notes

Parish office hours
    Our parish office is open Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM. The Pastoral Associate is in most afternoons until 4:00 PM.  If you need to come in the PM please give us a call to make sure someone is here. Messages can always be left on the answering machine. 

Are you registered?
     Are you new to our parish?   If you are, please pick up a registration form in the vestibule of the church. Registration is very important.  Just drop it in the basket or mail it to our office.  Thanks!  We are always happy to receive new parishioners.  We welcome you and pray you will be happy here with us.

Please use church envelopes 
    Envelope users provide the bedrock of our financial support.  Please consider using them.  New packets of envelopes are mailed every three months. If you would like to receive some but you are not yet on the mailing list, please call Jeannine to give her your name and address. Thank you!

Envelope Request Form

____ I want to support our parish on a regular basis. Please add me to the envelope list.

Name ______________________________
Town ________________,NH Zip ________

Update on Parish Income

Weekend of February 25, 2007
St. Paul, Candia
Envelopes   $1299
Loose             439
Credit              75
Total             1813

  Last weekend envelope users contributed 76% of our income.
(Amount tithed for the poor and needy: $108.76)

     Thank You so much for your Generosity.

A Lenten Experience. . .
    Did you know our church has a library?  It has many wonderful books, videos, and audiotapes for adults and children.
    If you have been thinking about doing some spiritual reading during Lent, wander down the hall of the lower level perhaps you are at coffee & donuts.  The following is a book I have read recently.
    Suffering by Louis Evely caught my eye.  The title intrigued me, as I have been trying to get a better understanding of suffering.  I expected the book to be depressing to read, but it was not at all.
    Evely speaks of the sacredness and redemption of suffering.  The feeling I am left with after finishing the book is one of hope.  The underlying theme to the whole book is how much God loves us.  One line that really connected with me is “Suffering does not necessarily lead to love, but love does lead away, and soundly, to suffering.
    In his discussion of evil, Evely writes, “God says, ‘You will do what you want, but I notify you that every time I will invent something to triumph over you evil.  I will never abandon you.  I will make of each of your faults fortunate faults. . .  Everything will be more beautiful than if you had not sinned.  From your shame and your pain, I , God, draw a virtue which would not have existed if you had not made a slip.” 
    The book concludes with a number of meditations, such as one on Simon of Cyrene, and another on the The Good Thief. Suffering is a book that you could read over and over and find something new each time you read it.
                       Patty Stuart

Our Lenten Prayer Time. . .
     Lent is a time when we need to spend a little more time in prayer and reflection.  We want to renew and/or reinvigorate our relationship with God
During the Lenten season, we will have a time of prayer where adults can come together for this purpose.  Come alone or come with your spouse or a friend. 
      We will meet every Wednesday beginning on the Wednesday after Ash Wednesday at 6:30 pm
The prayer time will last about an hour. Our prayer time will be scripturally based. The prayer sessions will include a time for intercessory prayer so bring your special intentions along.   

Electronic Offering:
Our Parish is now able to take your offertory donations through Credit or Debit card.  If you wish to make you contribution in this manner, simply fill in the following and return to our office. 
Name on Card___________________________________
Please Check:  ______MasterCard ______Visa
                       ______Debit MasterCard _____Debit Visa
Card Number:____________________________________
How often do you want this transaction to occur?
____One time _____Weekly_____Bi-Weekly ______Monthly


Christian Formation News
Grades K – High School
    If you have children of age for Religious Education, please remember to pick up a registration form for Religious Education for the coming year.  All children from grade K – the end of Confirmation must register.  The registration does not roll over from one year to the next.  You can pick up a form in the back of the church or you can visit the parish office Monday – Thursday during office hours or give us a call at 483-8481 and ask us to mail you a form.  We would be happy to do this

Grades K- 3  Classes for children in these grades has resumed on the weekend of September 16/17.

Grades 4 – 10 +    Last year we initiated a new program for the children in these grade levels.  The classes are held once a month and the program is geared to the entire family. Parents are strongly urged to attend the sessions as there is an adult component to the program which helps them to deepen their knowledge of the faith as well as making it possible for them to compliment the practice of the faith in the home. Our first class was held on Sunday, October 15, 2006.  Our next class is scheduled for March 11.   Tthe classes are held from 4:00 – 6:00 pm here at St. Paul’s.        2006-2007 Schedule (click here)

Question of the Week
Second Sunday of Lent
(Obedience of Faith)
Gen. 15:5-12, 17-18 (The Covenant )
Phil. 3:17 – 4:1(Stand Firm in the Lord)
Luke 9:28-36 (The Transfiguration)

Question for Adults: How does my faith in the Lord strengthen when I am faced with difficult choices to live my baptism? 
    You may be thinking that your faith does not always become strengthened when faced with difficult choices.  This would not make you a unique individual by any stretch of the imagination.  Although one does not necessarily facilitate the other, the two notions are not necessarily diametrically opposed to one another either. 
    As Christians we are often faced with difficult choices viz a vie our Baptismal promises.  Such choices may occur on a daily basis.  Choices we are faced with at work, while shopping, when relating to our neighbors, may place us in situations we may not want ourselves to be in. 
    How is this related to the idea of strengthening our faith?  Let’s step back and reflect on this for a minute.  When we are faced with a difficult choice, we are, in fact, given the opportunity to reflect on who we really are.  Are we people of faith, who believe in a God who loves us and wants our happiness?  Or, are we simply people who go from one day to another hoping that there is more to life than meets the eye?
    How do we react to difficult situations in our life? Do we see the opportunity for growth in our spiritual life?  Do we take advantage of God’s presence in our life?  How do we react?

Question for Children? What difficult things do I do that show my love for God and for my family?
    The word difficult can be interpreted differently by children of various ages just as it can be different for adults.  Perhaps you might want to discuss the interpretation of the word with you child before coming up with examples. 
    You may want to keep an ear open for their understanding of the word so that it does not remain stagnant in the realm of physically difficult.  Guide you child through the various notions of difficult such as something they can give up of someone they could forgive or accept be good to.   

Community News 

A Look at Upcoming Events

Lenten organ Recital. . .
Daniel Bayless, Director of Music at St. Joseph Cathedral, will present a program of organ music for the season of Lent the afternoon of March 11 at 3:00 p.m. at the Cathedral.  A reception will follow in the Hall.  Please plan to attend this time of Lenten reflection.

Youth Work Camp: . . Last year our parish joined St. Peter Parish in its annual trip to a town  in the US that needed home repair.  Our two parishes took a six hour car ride to Machias, Maine.  Our young people along with their adult chaperones spent the week working on various projects that were assigned to them.  These projects include painting, repairs on porches, building of steps or ramps etc.  All projects are carefully supervised by adults.  The youth have an experience of helping those less fortunate and simultaneously spend fun time with teens of other churches nationwide.  It is a great experience for them and 95% of youth attending these work camps insist on returning the following year. 
    The downside of this project is that it costs money to attend.  The teens often meet part of the cost by finding a sponsor as well as by fundraising.  If you think your teen would enjoy or benefit from such an experience, contact Lorette or Fr. Dumont.  We will direct you to those in charge.  If you think you would like to assist the youth in a financial manner, simple give us a call and talk to us at 483-8481.

Workshop for Separated/Divorced
    St. Joseph Parish in Belmont is sponsoring its 5th Annual workshop day titled Shattered Dreams.   The workshop will be held on March 24 and will feature guest speakers well thought of in their fields of expertise.  The topics for the day are varied and should appeal to people in various stages on this journey in their lives.
    If you are interested, please pick up a brochure in the entrance of the church, at the bottom of the bulletin board.
    St. Joseph’s also has an ongoing Support Group for separated or divorced individuals.  The group meets every 1st and 3rd Wednesday from 7 – 9 pm in the church hall, corner of routes 140 and 106.
Questions?  Please call Ginny at 286-7066.

St. Joseph Regional Jr. High. . .
in Manchester is now accepting registration applications for the 2007-2008 school year.  Please contact the school at 624-4811 for more info.

Retrouvaille. . .a Lifeline
    Are you experiencing stress or difficulties in your marriage?  Are you contemplating separation and divorce?  Have you heard about Retrouvaille?  It’s a program designed to help heal and renew Troubled marriages.  The next Retrouvaille weekend will be held March 23-25, 2007.  If you would like to participate in a program that offers you a chance to rediscover yourself, your spouse and a loving relationship in your marriage, call 1-800-470-2230 or visit the Retrouvaille website at www.retrouvaille.org. All inquires are confidential.

News from the CYA (Catholic Young Adults)
    The CYA group now meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month.  If you are between the ages of 20-39, please join us at our next meeting at St. Paul’s Church from 6:30-8:00 pm.

Please remember the following people and intentions in your daily prayers:

Our sick parishioners and friends…
   Please pray for the following people:  Stephen and Charlie Doucette, Betty Lintz, Cecile Gendron, Lori Aguilera, Kimberly Mirolo, Rita Sullivan, Kathy Gauthier,  Jean Swindler, Roger Plante, Joseph Gesel, Jacob Desrocher, Cindy Huard, Deborah McGovern, Ethel Thomas, Gordon Gladden and Carol Sheperd.
For peace in the world, especially in the Middle East…
For those serving in the armed forces...
For families experiencing stress due to financial, emotional or relational problems
For our sister parish in Haiti...
For vocations to full-time ministry, especially the priesthood, the deaconate, religious life lay ministry...

    If you would like to add a person or intention, please let us know. If people on the sick list are no longer in need of prayers, please let us know.

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