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May 9, 2010
6th Sunday of Easter
Christ is Risen, Alleluia!
He is Truly Risen, Alleluia!

Weekend Mass Intentions

Sunday,  May 9
    9:30 AM  For Bro. Gerard Despathy By Kristin & Craig Boudreau

Sunday,  May 16

    9:30 AM For Frank Huard by

Please Note:  Our last Saturday evening Mass was on April 24th at 4:00 PM.  Due to a very low attendance at the 6 pm we will terminate this Mass as of the 24th.  There is always a 4:00 pm Mass in Auburn.

Parish News and Notes

Parish office hours
    Our parish office is open Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM. The Pastoral Associate is in most afternoons until 4:00 PM.  If you need to come in the PM please give us a call to make sure someone is here. Messages can always be left on the answering machine. 

Please use church envelopes 
    Envelope users provide the bedrock of our financial support.  Please consider using them.  New packets of envelopes are mailed every three months. If you would like to receive some but you are not yet on the mailing list, please call Jeannine to give her your name and address. Thank you!

Update on Parish Income

Weekend of May 2, 2010
St. Paul, Candia
Envelopes   $1292
Loose            321
Total            1613

         Last  weekend envelope users contributed 79% of our income.
(Amount tithed for the poor and needy last week: $96.78)
     Thank You so much for your Generosity.

To All Parishioners:
    Many parishioners have been asking about the final date and/or final Mass for the parish.  We have not yet received word from the diocese on this information.  No doubt the last Mass will be at the end of June but the exact date has yet to be scheduled.  We will notify you as soon as we know. 
Thank you for you patience

Ascension Thursday:
    This week we will be celebrating the feast of the Ascension of Our Lord into Heaven.  This is a Holy Day of Obligation.   Mass will be celebrated on the Vigil of the Feast on Wednesday evening, May 12, 2010 at 7:00 PM.

Attention Group Work Campers:
    We have had a change in plans for the Safety Meeting. Having it at church will not be possible.  Alan Cote has agreed to hold the training at his home again this year.  He lives in Auburn and has led the Group Work Camp in the past for 7 years.  He will not able to meet with us until June 5 or 6.  Would people be available on Saturday the 5th in the afternoon maybe around 3:00?
    Email me or call me,      Laura Lambert

   Prayer for Priests
Most gracious and loving Father,
    Christ We thank you for our faithful priests whose spiritual fatherhood and example of fidelity, self-sacrifice, and devotion is so vital to the faith of your people.  May they be guided by the examples of Saints Peter and Paul and all the apostles. Give them valiant faith in the face of confusion and conflict, hope in time of trouble and sorrow, and steadfast love for you, for their families, and for all your people throughout the world.  May the light of your Truth shine through their lives and their good works.  Assist all priests, that through your Grace they may steadily grow in holiness and in knowledge and understanding of your Truth.  May they generously share their knowledge with those who rely on them.  We ask this through our Lord.  Amen

Christian Formation News
Grades K- 3  The children in grades K – 3 attend classes during the weekend liturgies.  We use a Lectionary Catechesis which is based on the Gospel of the week.  Kindergarten students are not obliged to attend regularly. However beginning with grade 1, students must attend classes on a weekly basis during the Mass, as the program for 1st Communion is a two year program.   Classes are held during both weekend Masses. We would need some volunteers to help out as monitors during the classes.  Please contact the office if you can do this.

Generations of Faith This program is designed for both parents and children.  Parents who have children in grades 4 – 10 are asked to attend these monthly sessions.  The adult session gives them an opportunity to refresh their memory on important matters of the faith as well as giving them the chance to share with other adults on pertinent issues of faith.  All GoF classes are held on Sundays from 4 – 6PM.  Our last class was held on April 18th.
                     Schedule of Classes

Question of the Week
6th Sunday of Easter
(The Gift of Peace)
Acts 15:1-2, 22-29 (Paul & Barnabas)
Reading II:
Revelation 21:10- 14, 22-23 (The Holy City from Heaven)
John 14: 23- 29 (Peace Be With You)

Question for Adults:  How have I observed the action of the Holy Spirit in the Church?) This coming week we celebrate the feast of the Ascension and soon afterward we will celebrate the feast of Pentecost or the coming of the Holy Spirit to the people of the church.  We are presently preparing for this joyous event.  The presence of the Spirit is always active in our church.  Have we seen the work of God’s hand lately?  Are we alert to the many signs God is showing us?  Are we so stunned by some of the work that we are in disbelieve?  Nothing should surprise us when God is involved.  What has the Spirit been doing in your life lately?

Question for Children: When has the Holy spirit guided me to follow Jesus way of Love? Before the children can answer this question they must have a better grasp of the meaning the Spirit in their life.  Many of them may not be too sure who the Spirit is except for the fact that he is the third person of the Trinity.  Take a little time to sit and talk about the Spirit being the life of God among us.  The Spirit gives us gifts of Wisdom and Understanding, Courage and Strength, the Desire to pray and the ability to stand in Awe when we see beautiful things that have been created by God.

 From the Pastor:
          As you may recall, with the twinning of St. Peter and St. Paul Parishes several years ago, both parishes had to adjust their Mass schedules so that I would be able to serve both parishes at once.  In the likely event that St. Paul Parish will be unified with St. Paul, I believe we should adjust the Mass schedule again.  The best balance for both parishes seems to be to a compromise:  instead of a 9:30 am at St. Paul, and an 11:00 am at St. Peter, we would have a 10:30 am Mass at St. Peter.  After consultation with members of the Pastoral Council, the Finance Council, the Liturgy Committee, and the Parish Staff, I have found significant approval of this Mass time change.  So, I am seriously considering that we adjust the Sunday Mass schedule at St. Peter to 8:00 am and 10:30 am, beginning July 4th, 2010.
    Also, there are some parishioners who have assumed that one Mass would be added in the event St. Paul Parish is unified.  I have looked closely at this consideration over the past several months.  My conclusion is that the number of people who now attend Masses at St. Paul can easily be accommodated here at St. Peter.  To that effect we are looking into possibly replacing two pews that had been removed several years ago.  This will obviously be a period of adjustment for both parishes.  I encourage all from St. Peter to be especially attuned to warmly welcoming any new parishioners they see in the next several weeks, and especially if a Decree of Unification is forthcoming next month.

Community News 

Please Note:
  The surprise celebration that was being planned for Fr. Michael Kerper on May 23, 2010 has been cancelled.  He found out about it and made it very clear that he did not want any party.  If any of you know others who were planning on attending please relay this message.  There is no other way of communicating the information.  Fr. Mike’s anniversary is on May 18th.  If you wish to send him a card I am sure he would love to hear from you.  He residence is at
    Fr. Michael Kerper
         98 Summer St.
    Portsmouth, NH 03801

Our Food Pantry
If you would like to help our food pantry during Easter season, we especially need Canned Soup, Tuna, Instant Potatoes, canned Pastas and Spaghetti sauce.  We can always use Cereal.  Thank you so much for your generosity.  You have no idea how appreciative people are when they come and we have something to offer

Notice:  The parish has a substantial amount of oak wood left over from the work on the pews.  The pieces are mostly backs and seats of pews.  If anyone is interested in having some for burning or carpentry work you are welcome to come and get it .  Please do so before the middle of June because we will have to get rid of it soon thereafter. Thank You.

A Catholic Charities Client says “Thank You”
Thanks to your support, NH Catholic Charities is here to help people in need.  This letter recently came in from a client:  “When we became aware we did not have fuel, my brother and I asked our Lord Jesus to provide the oil / our need as His word declares ‘But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus’ Philippians 4:19.  We were given your phone number and my brother called.  You were the channel from which our need was met.  Thank you!” 
   Doesn’t this say it all. . .it is not our work but Christ’ accomplished through us!

A Look at Upcoming Events

Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekends  When was the last weekend you did something special alone together?  Most couples are busy with work and family.  It seems that every moment of the day is planned and there’s never enough time to get everything done.  When was the last time you had a weekend alone?  Consider planning a weekend away just the two of you, to renew our marriage relationship.  A Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend is a positive, renewing experience for couples that have a good marriage but want to make it even better!
    Join us on May 21-23, 2010 at the upcoming weekend retreat at St. Methodios Retreat House in Contoocook, NH.  It is a very special place for a weekend experience.  For more info call: 1-800-710-WWME, or visit www.wwmeMARI.org

Diocesan Pilgrimage to Rome  Bishop McCormack is inviting NH Catholics to join him on a pilgrimage to Rome and other Italian holy sites from October 15-25 in celebration of the canonization of Blessed Brother Andre Bessette.  Pope Benedict XVI recently announced that Blessed Brother Andre will be formally declared a saint at a ceremony in St. Peter’s Square on Oct. 17, 2010.  The pilgrimage will be organized by Canterbury Tours of Bedford, NH.  It will include visits to sites in Rome, Assisi, and Siena. 
    Rooted in his devotion to St. Joseph, and motivated by his compassion, Brother Andre Bessette dedicated his life to comforting those in greatest need.  During his lifetime he became popularly known for encouraging the sick and infirm to pray to St. Joseph to intervene on their behalf.  Many claimed they were cured thanks to these prayers.  Brother Andre died in 1937, at the age of 91.  Many NH Catholics have taken pilgrimages to St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal, a shrine built under the guidance of Brother Andre beginning in 1904 and continuing after his death until its completion in 1967.  Today, it is the most popular shrine to St. Joseph in the world. 
    Those interested in attending the pilgrimage may contact Canterbury Tours at 800-653-0017 or Fr. Jason Jalbert at 603-669-31—or jjalbert@rcbm.org

    Pilgrimage to Canada.   August 3 – 6, 2010 (4 days, 3 nights) for just $369.  Visit the Shrines of Montreal and Quebec which includes St. Anne-de-Beaupre, St. Joseph Oratory and more.  Cost includes two meals a day, coach bus transportation and accommodations. Departing from Holy Angels Parish, Plaistow, Manchester, and St. Mary Parish, Claremont.  For a flyer or more information, contact Juanita Sweet at 603-826-4486 or email: juanitajoy@comcast.net


Please remember the following people and intentions in your daily prayers:

Our sick parishioners and friends…
   Please pray for the following people: Josephine Stout,
Cecile Gendron, Kimberly Mirolo, Rita Sullivan, Kathy Gauthier, Ethel Thomas, Jean Swindler, Roger Plante, Joseph Gesel, Jacob Desrocher, Cindy Huard, Deborah McGovern, Gordon Gladden and Carol Sheperd.
For peace in the world, especially in the Middle East…
For those serving in the armed forces...
For families experiencing stress due to financial, emotional or relational problems
For our sister parish in Haiti...
For vocations to full-time ministry, especially the priesthood, the deaconate, religious life lay ministry...

    If you would like to add a person or intention, please let us know. If people on the sick list are no longer in need of prayers, please let us know.
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