The St. Anne Medal is an award for adult leaders in girlís organizations. Any adult who has contributed notable service in developing Catholic girlsí activities an demonstrated a willingness to serve as a leader of those activities is eligible for the medal.

The purpose of this program is to recognize the recipientís outstanding contribution to the spiritual development of Catholic youth in programs for young women.

The recipients of the medal are to be nominated by individuals within the general membership of each organization. Recommendations should carefully detail how the nominee meets the guidelines for selection. The Saint Anne Medal recommendations are to be evaluated on the basis of the guidelines described.

The number of awards made annually will not exceed four (4), unless otherwise determined by the Tulsa Diocesan Committee on Scouting & Camp Fire. The emphasis is on selectivity - with no feeling that the full quota of awards must be filled.


It is required that an adult work with youth in the promotion, earning and/or distribution of the Spirit Alive Medal, Marian Medal, I Live My Faith Award or Family of God Award.

The minimum number of years of membership in the organization served is seven (7).

It is necessary to have an adult understanding of the scope of the program in which your girls participate.

A minimum participation of three years in the Awards Program is required. This can be done in committee work, in support work in the parish, or as a religious awards counselor.

Within the organization served, the adult must be trained and experienced in the skills of the organization and exhibit a sense of understanding and responsibility toward the organization.

Previous receipt of the ST. ELIZABETH ANN SETON AWARD is required.

Approval of the pastor is required. A recommendation from the pastor will be considered as an indication of the active standing of the adult within the Church.


The St. Anne Award for adults working with Catholic members of national organizations serving girls is an award of the Department of Education, United States Catholic Conference and was inaugurated at the Sixth National Conference on Catholic Youth Work, held in Philadelphia in November, 1957. It is offered to those in dioceses which choose to use it, subject to the approval of the local ordinary, as a national award for adults.


Nominations and recommendations may be made by anyone using the official nomination form obtained from the
Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting and Camp Fire, Inc., for the Diocese of Tulsa.

Recipients of the St. Anne Award should be active adults currently registered with the organization served and should have a minimum of seven (7) years active service to youth as an adult member. There are no national restrictions regarding recipients. It is given to clergy, religious, non-Catholics, men and women. No honorary awards are to be made. They shall have attended the Catholic SCOUTER DEVELOPMENT program also.

Each diocese shall determine the number of awards proportionate to itís membership. The emphasis should be on selectivity, and it is not at all necessary that the optimum number be awarded every year.

It is suggested that the recipients of the award be selected by a committee of past St. Anne Medal recipients of five ( 5 ) to seven ( 7 ) members, including the (Arch) Diocesan Youth Director and/or Diocesan Chaplain. Their selections shall be final, subject to the approval of the Diocesan Youth Director and/or Chaplain.

In addition to being active, Catholic recipients should be exemplary Catholics, and they should have full approval of their respective pastors before they be considered for the award. (Non-Catholic recipients should also receive approval of their clergy.) Persons who are nominated in a previous year but were not selected may be re-nominated if still eligible.

The application should be submitted on the CANDIDATE RECORD FOR RELIGIOUS AWARD form.


The committee should be appointed and activated at least sixty (60) days before the date for the presentation.

The choices should be made primarily on the basis of the adultís own spiritual life and his/or her spiritual contribution to youth.

The kind of person sought should be one of excellent character and exemplary in every way. The following are at least some of the qualifications to be looked for; a combination of which might make an adult a worthy candidate:

( 1 ) Promotes the religious recognition programs for Catholic members and/or serves as a counselor. Encourages non-Catholic members to participate in the religious awards of their faith.

( 2 ) Gives notable service in promoting Catholic activities and service projects for the church and shows willingness to serve on like committees.

( 3 ) Participates actively in the Adult Spiritual Motivation program, retreats or days of recollection and/or is instrumental in having others participate.

( 4 ) Gives outstanding service in promoting and participating in Girl Scout/Camp Fire observances.

( 5 ) Gives notable service in extending the national organizations to more members under Catholic auspices.

( 6 ) Assists parishes and Catholic organizations in recruiting adults for key leadership positions.

( 7 ) Is fully trained in the skills of the organization and is outstanding for his/her sense of responsibility, humility and good example.

( 8 ) Is responsible for Catholic members being transported to Mass at camporees and summer camps and provides for spiritual needs of the non-Catholics within these groups.

( 9 ) Creates a better understanding of the aims and ideals of the organizations by the clergy and laity through the Catholic press and other communications media.

( 10 ) Is instrumental in organizing and promoting these programs for all members regardless of race or creed and gives leadership.

( 11 ) Encourages the true spirit of ecumenism as well as parochial responsibility and Catholic leadership within the girlís organization served.

( 12 ) Fosters good relationship with the Council and is capable of interpreting Catholic programs to Council members.

These national guidelines may be modified, if necessary, at the discretion of the Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting & Camp Fire.