This award is available to adults working with Catholic members of national organizations serving girls such as:

Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., Inc.

Camp Fire, Inc.

Junior Catholic Daughters of the Americas

Other girl’s organizations


A nominee must have participated in the religious aspects of Catholic youth activity for a minimum of five years.

A nominee must have previously received the Bronze Pelican award.

A nominee must be approved by their pastor. A recommendation from the pastor will be considered as an indication of the active standing of the nominee within the church.


The St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Award was created by the Department of Education, United States Catholic Conference in February 1979, to recognize the significant contribution of persons serving the spiritual needs of Catholic members in national organizations serving girls. It is offered to those dioceses whom chose to use it, subject to the approval of the local ordinary. This award seeks out those who have contributed notably to the spiritual development of the Catholic members. The St. Anne Award remains the highest national recognition the Church gives adults in this aspect of youth ministry.


The person considered should be an active adult, currently registered with the organization served and should have a minimum of five (5) years active service to the membership as an adult.

Each diocese is to set the number of awards given, placing emphasis on selectivity. The purpose of the award is to recognize achievement in addition to length of service.

Nominations and recommendations may be made by anyone using the official recommendation forms (CANDIDATE RECORD FOR RELIGIOUS AWARD) obtained from the Tulsa Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting & Camp Fire. The Diocesan selection committee will determine the recipients.

Persons who were nominated in a previous year but were not selected may be re-nominated if still eligible.


The following are at least some of the qualifications to be looked for; a combination of which might make an adult a worthy candidate.

Participated in activities that contribute to the spiritual development of Catholic members of national organizations serving girls. Examples are retreat weekends, days of recollection and Sunday observances.

Promotes the religious recognition programs available to Catholic members of the diocese and/or serves as counselor.

Participates actively in adult spiritual motivation days.

Is responsible for Catholic members fulfilling their obligation to attend Mass while camping.

Encourages the true spirit of ecumenism as well as parochial responsibility and Catholic leadership within the girls’ organization served.

Contributes other service to the parish and/or community.