How to start work on an award . . .

Purchase a workbook for the appropriate award from the Boy Scout, Girl Scout, or CampFire office.

And then . . .

Find a counselor and begin work.   Most of the work on the early awards can be accomplished at home.

Inform a member of the committee that you are working on an award, on or before January 1, you can use the email link on the Home page.

Complete the workbook and obtain your Pastor's acknowledgement.

Deliver the completed workbook with the $10.00 award fee to a committee member on or before February 20.

All sucessful award recipients will receive a letter of congratulations.

Attend the awards Mass to receive your award from the Bishop.   Mass begins promptly at the publicized time.   Please be there 30 minutes before.

Please join in the reception after the awards ceremony is over. Congratulations