National Gold Medallion Award

The Gold Medallion Award program is established to identify and recognize the outstanding Catholic Cub Scout Pack, Boy Scout Troop, and Venturing Crew in each of the fourteen Episcopal Regions of the United States. It is also intended to promote the National Catholic Committee on Scouting initiative to increase Scouting units, youth members, and adult leaders. National Gold Medallion winners epitomize those units that excel at providing youth with quality programs including religious activities, religious emblems participation, outdoor activities, and
special events that encompass the religious, vocational, and educational aspects of Scouting under Catholic auspices.

Recognitions include (1) an 11 x 17 inch certificate for each of the National winners, (2) a 3 by 5 foot Gold Medallion unit flag for each National winner, and (3) a National Finalist Certificate for each (Arch)Diocesan Gold Medallion Regional Nominee.

All units chartered by a Catholic organization (Parish, School, Knights of Columbus Council, Men's Club, etc.) are eligible and encouraged to apply for consideration as Gold Medallion Award winners. All applications must be submitted along with all supporting materials (documents, slides, photographs, videos, newspaper clippings, etc.) to the Chairman or Chaplain of the (Arch)Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting. The local Catholic Committee on Scouting will select one Pack, Troop, and Crew for regional consideration. Applications of (Arch)Diocesan winners are to be sent by the (Arch)Diocesan Committee to the Regional Chairman. Regional Chairmen and Chaplains will
select the outstanding units in their Region from these applications. These units will receive the National Winners recognition--The National Gold Medallion Unit Flag and Certificate. All other regional nominees will receive National Gold Medallion Finalist Certificates.

National Gold Medallion Award 
Application Form

The Gold Medallion Award is presented for excellence in Youth Ministry through the Boy Scouting Movement. Criteria for excellence are determined at the (Arch)Diocesan level and should include performance related to the

BSA "Quality Unit", NCCS "Pope Paul VI Unit Recognition", and Golden Bow Membership Initiative Recognition criteria are also recommended as guidelines.

Please provide below as much information as you can to explain in detail how your unit qualifies for this award. The questions provided below are guidelines for your use and your submission should not be limited to these alone. Use additional sheets as necessary and submit any documentation you feel appropriate (photographs, newspaper clippings, videos, etc.). The information should report unit activities from January 1 through December 31, 1999.